My new craft room

When we moved into our new house my craft room was a room I knew I wanted to spend some time unpacking and decorating. I set up the rest of the house first and then before I knew it, five months had passed and my craft room was a disaster zone. It had become a grave yard for discarded boxes and junk. Finally this past weekend I dove in. 
When I had packed up my old craft room I didn’t really go through and organize stuff as I was putting it into boxes. I pretty much just shoved things away. Which made it interesting when I began unpacking the boxes!  I uncovered stuff I forgot I had, I uncovered lots of old photos of myself and my kids, and I kept finding gifts for everyone. My dad got a pair of pliers I had borrowed a long time ago and neglected to give back; my mom got some books and I also found a piece of jewelry of hers that I had meant to repair but never did; my kids got countless sticker books and blank notebooks and envelopes and paper; my husband got some CDs that we didn’t even know I had stored in the craft room boxes; and I uncovered for myself all of my husband’s writings, which was a real treat. {my husband is a writer/poet and when we first started dating and early on in our marriage he would write the most beautiful poems and letters to me. I saved each and every one over the years!}
Here’s the view from the door:
Here’s my work table and shelves which hold supplies and photos and miscellaneous stuff:

 I’m in LOOOOVE with my work area. We had purchased that vintage formica table to be used as our kitchen table in our new house, but we ended up getting a new table. I had listed the table and chairs set on Craig’s List and someone bought the chairs but not the table. Meant to be! I moved the table from the basement to my craft room. The table is sturdy and provides a ton of work space, which I was always lacking in my old craft room. 
{And yes, that’s Edward Cullen. I got him a couple years ago and he was put in my craft room when we moved. I decided to keep him around, for now.}
This wire holds pictures – my little artists need to get busy!

Close up of the shelves above the table:

I half-splurged on an Ott Light for my space. I say half-splurged because the Ott Lights were half off at JoAnn Fabrics this week! That light is intense. This photo doesn’t do it justice. 

This shelf holds all of my shop stock:

I had made those lollipops for my kids’ birthday party a couple years ago. They had been sitting in a basket tucked away but I like them so much I wanted to display them. I stuck them on the wall with double sided sticky tape. The mustache prints are actually postcards I had purchased on Etsy; the same with the crochet prints.

I decided to organize my craft supplies in my closet into the different types of crafts. 

I used a few plastic tubs that I already had and bought some new ones and wrote on sticky notes the contents of each box. Now, when I want to do a particular craft I can grab one box and then put it back once I’m finished. That’s the plan anyway.
I also realized in my unpacking that I have quite a lot of fabric. Really it’s too much. I have a ton. I filled up two huge plastic tubs of colored and designed fabric and one plastic tub of just white fabric and felt. 

I’m very happy to finally have this room done. I am inspired to make stuff! I have a mile-long projects-to-do list! 

Photo house tour!!

I realized that since we’ve moved more stuff into our new house and I’ve decorated more that I never gave a proper photo tour!  So here you go!  And as an added bonus, you can see our Christmas deco!
The P homestead. We have a three car garage – our driveway is to the right and the garage is side-entry.

Standing from the garage door. We have a laundry room right as you walk in which opens into the hallway leading to the half bath, Mike’s study and the kitchen.

Half bath.

Mike’s study, still in progress!  My dad is building wall shelves so Mike’s massive collection of CDs, records and books can be displayed nicely.

This is the view looking into the study. Isn’t that desk cool – it’s an antique. Once the shelves are done and the room is complete I will take pictures of it.
View looking from the study into the kitchen and great room. 

Part of kitchen and great room. To the left is the breakfast nook.

Breakfast nook.


Another view of the kitchen. You can also spy the front room, the “parlor” as it’s called, with our white Christmas tree.
This is the chalkboard I made!  I made it from a frame, a piece of wood and chalkboard spray paint. This area is grand central. I organize all of the girls’ school stuff here and keep our schedules organized. 

The great room. We spend all of our time in this room. I love how cozy and warm it turned out. I wanted it to have an “autumnal” theme. Our couches are just awesome; I love them so very much!

Another view of the great room.

Yet another view of the great room. 

TV console and our tree. It’s a live tree – we cut ‘er down! I can’t believe it but I had plenty of bulbs to decorate two trees. I even had some leftover!

Another view of the tree.

The fireplace.

I made those little trees out of paper doilies (was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest!)  At night they glow and flicker because I have little fake candles under them. I also made the star garland. I cut out star shapes and sewed a straight stitch on my machine.

Another view of the great room. 

Looking from the great room toward the front door. The door on the left is the basement door. We have a full basement that’s unfinished. Perfect for storing stuff!

The day we moved in my dad gave this to us. He PAINTED it!  It’s the front of our house. Scroll up to my first picture and you will see just how exact it is!  It is a gift we will treasure always. It sits upon my printer’s tray in the foyer. 

Parlor room. I still need to get a couple of end tables to go on either side of the couch. 

All of my toys are inside this case.

I love my collection!

The white tree – this it the ‘girl tree’ as we called it this year. It’s all pinks and purples and sparkles and ribbon!

View from the parlor room looking toward the front door.

View from the foyer.

This is our dining room. We don’t have a table yet. We put up a folding table and the girls and Mike are putting together a puzzle right now. 

Another view of the kitchen and breakfast nook from the dining room.

Standing at the front door, stairs are up, parlor room to the left, dining room to the right, great room straight ahead.

Upstairs now!  This is the loft. It’s the girls’ play room.

Girls’ bathroom.

Arlene’s room. Her room looks huge because her bed is up against a wall. Her room is total diva. Black and pink. Ha! I think I may get her a rug to put by the bed, to break up that expanse of carpet.

Hee hee – you can never be too careful. This is my craft room, which currently Santa’s workshop.

Craft room/disaster zone. I haven’t done anything in this room except make a mess. My sewing machine is set up and most of my crap is tucked away in the closet. It’s a pretty big mess though. The door stays shut all the time!

View from the girls’ bathroom looking toward Lydia’s room on the right and the master bedroom straight ahead.

Lydia’s room. She got a double bed, so her room doubles as a guest room.

Other side of Lydia’s room. Her room is very cozy and sweet.

Master bedroom.

Seating area.

Looking into our bathroom. My walk in closet is the closed door.

Master bathroom.
Another view. We have his and hers sinks. Mike’s is to the left, mine is to the right. Mike’s walk in closet is in here too, to the left, and we have a little room that houses the toilet.  

Tub. Favorite spot!
Walk in shower and my vanity.  

Another view of the steps and the loft.

Steps, railing, loft and front door. That window is huge and it’s a bit daunting at night because we don’t have a shade on it. I used to be nervous about people looking in, but, there’s no one directly across from us. It wouldn’t look right covered up anyway. I’ve gotten used to it. I figure, if someone sees me in my PJs, oh well! And we’ve taught the girls not to run out of the bathroom naked after their baths!

Stairs, front door.
And that concludes the tour!  We are in deep love with the house. I’m STILL amazed it’s ours. It’s been so much fun getting settled in and decorating. There’s still stuff to do but we’re taking it slow and taking our time. We are so blessed and lucky to call it home. 
Hope you enjoyed the tour!  

The cutest chair completes the room

We ordered new furniture for our living room and it’s been coming in at different stages. First our entertainment came in about six weeks ago then our couches and end tables came two weeks ago, and today, our chair and ottoman arrived. We had that pair custom made. I love it! 
I also bought some artwork for the room. We’ve got an autumnal theme going on.

I will have to take pictures of the rest of the room soon!

My new bench

When we were deciding on a floorplan for our new house we had one condition: we wanted a front porch. And we got it!  And now, thanks to my very talented uncle, we have a brand new bench adorning our porch.
The bench fits perfectly between our two windows. It was designed that way – isn’t my uncle talented?!

I gave the bench a light white-wash stain.

I made pillows for the rocking chair and the bench. The doily in the middle of this pillow is one that my great-grandmother made.

I love handmade treasures!

If I had a couple more hours

If I had a couple more hours in my day, then I’d be able to soak in the tub under candlelight, reflect upon my day, and relax. Instead, I hastily wash my face right before bed, take a deep breath, and call that good enough. If I had even 15 more minutes in my day, then I’d be able to read more than 20 words of my Harry Potter book, taking in the story and immersing myself in the land of Hogwarts. Instead, I read 19 words, eyes half open, drifting asleep. I’ve had to re-read the last page of my book for five nights straight because what I am reading isn’t really sinking in.
If I had a couple more hours in my day, when I sat down to do homework with the girls, I’d have patience. I’d patiently sit and listen to them sound out words in their books, finger pointing at each word, little brains running quickly on trying to figure out what sound ‘ow’ makes and learning words like ‘skate’ and ‘evening’ and ‘behind’, instead, I only half listen to what they are reading, my mind racing, thinking of the million other things I should be doing at that particular moment.
If I had a couple more hours in my day, I’d be able to finish settin’ up the house. While I want to be finished right now at the same time I also want to take my time. I want to take my time and put things up on the walls exactly where they should go, exactly where I’d want to look at them for years to come.
If I had a couple more hours in my day, I’d utilize my brand spankin’ new kitchen to its fullest, bringing out the Betty Crocker cookbook, finding the perfectly complex recipe to figure out how to make for dinner. And dinner would be served not in haste, but in three-course fashion, complete with the fancy paper napkins and the nice silverware. Instead, we’ve eaten out two times this week so far and had hotdogs on paper plates the night we were home. If I had a couple more hours in my day I’d have time to sit down, make some popcorn in my new air popper, and enjoy some moments of complete mind-is-blank-let’s-enjoy-the-show movie time with my husband. Instead, we watch about 20 minutes of TV before becoming too tired to even keep our eyes open.
If I had a couple more hours in my day, then I’d be able to write a blog post about my girls turning seven. Problem is, I want to get photos of them to accompany that post, and I haven’t even had a chance to snap any photos of them, so I’m waiting. The post will come soon. Until then, I’ll write this post about how crazy life’s been.
If I had a couple more hours in my day then I’d be able to find our winter coats, which are hidden in one of the 1,857,343 boxes in our basement. I packed our house and apartment in such gleeful haste that I didn’t label any of the boxes. At the time I was just shoving things in to the brim, taping it shut, and off it went to storage. Well, now it’s kinda hard to figure out what is what. There’s a few mysterious things missing … our coats and also I know I have a box of sweaters somewhere, and a box of scarves, not winter scarves but fancy scarves that I can wear on crispy fall days. I’m also missing a bunch of bathroom stuff, the stuff I know I packed away thinking I wouldn’t need for awhile, but now I’m wanting that light purple eye shadow and can’t find it. Soon, soon. I’ll have time to go into the basement and open up all of the boxes, figure out what is what, and label.
If I had a couple more hours in my day then I’d be able to force my kids to relax, to take a breather, to watch My Little Pony, cozy on the couch in PJs with their woobies. My kids haven’t watched TV in the longest time! They need relaxation time. They’re tired and while they’re trying very hard not to be crabby, they’re getting crabby, and our patience is thin and therefore we are all snapping at one another and throwing each other glares. Everyone could use a good, long nap.
If I had a couple more hours in my day then I’d go to Home Depot like I’ve been meaning to for the last two weeks and buy one of the big huge orange mums they have out in front of their store, and I’d plop that mum on my front porch, then take pictures of it because I know it’d be just the prettiest fall picture.
* * *
I don’t have a couple more hours in my day. And while it’s tiring, while it’s exhausting, I wouldn’t change a thing. I know relaxation time will come soon enough. I know this flow will soon be replaced by an ebb and I’ll be wishing the days would go by quicker. I’ll be bored, wishing for something to do. I know we’ll settle down soon, the kids will be fully rested, we’ll catch up on reading and movies. We’ll eat bigger and better meals.
We absolutely and completely love our new house and while the last two weeks of unpacking and settling in have been super crazy, they’ve also been the happiest in our lives. I still cannot believe that we are in our new house, that the house is ours, that we’ve got our own place, a place to call our home. I still cannot believe that we made it home.
So, life’s nuts right now. But, life is life and life is full. Life is grand and life is flowing full force but will soon settle back down to the lazy, comfy routines that we’re used to.

Pictures of the new casa

Before we started moving in all of our stuff last Tuesday, I went through the new house and snapped some pictures. They’re in this slide show, and also here if the slide show doesn’t work on your computer.
Seeing these pictures now makes me realize how much we’ve unpacked so far!  It’s been really super fun unboxing all of our stuff – stuff we haven’t seen for a long time. The girls were squealing with delight when we opened up their toy boxes! 

We’ve still got aways to go before we’re completely unpacked. I go through bouts where I feel incredibly overwhelmed because the house isn’t settled yet. But then I realize, it’s a big house, I’m not going to finish it all right away! I need to practice patience.

We ordered furniture for our great room – it will be in toward the end of the month. The girls loft/play area is all decked out now – I’ll have to take pictures of that later. We have our TV hung on the wall in the great room!  That’s most important, according to my husband, and I must admit, it IS kinda cool. 

The house feels like HOME even though we’re still unpacking. It’s SO GREAT TO BE HOME!

As a side note, um, the girls SEVENTH birthday is SUNDAY!  We’re having a party Saturday!  I plan to ramp up birthday preparations toward the end of this week!  Eeeeek!

Home Sweet Home

You hear that? 
That’s the sound of my total, utter, complete, contentment.
We’re in our new house, and I was going to post pictures, but left my camera at home! I’ll post some this weekend, after we get internet hooked up at the house.
I seriously think I’m still in shock. Our closing went off without a hitch. The house is perfect. The house is HUGE. The neighbors are all so incredibly nice. The house is us, it’s perfect, perfect, perfect. It suits us to a T!!
But it all feels unbelievable!  It hasn’t sunk in yet that the house is ours. I think it may sink in once we get stuff unpacked? I’m still in shock that we were able to get such a nice house. The market was very favorable to us! We had to sludge through the trenches to get our old house sold, but we benefited on the other end.
The house is truly our dream come true. I mentioned the neighbors!  The neighbors!  OMG!  We had met a couple of the neighbors on previous trips to the house while it was being built. We met this one family who was just bubbling with happiness and kindness. They were the nicest family we have ever met!  They live two doors down from us. Last night, our doorbell rang at 8 p.m. and it was the neighbors right next to us. They had brought us homemade cookies with a “Welcome to the neighborhood!” note!  It almost made me cry! Everyone is just so, so, so nice. I was invited to a book club already! Yes please! 
This morning the girls rode the bus for the first time in almost a year. They loooooooved riding the bus at our old house. Arlene especially, she was all smiles ear-to-ear. I can’t wait to see them after school today to find out how it went! There were half a dozen moms at the bus stop, all super nice. I had to run off to work after the bus came but they stayed and chatted at the bus stop – I think most of the moms are stay-at-home moms, which is OK. It means we have lots of options for potential babysitters if we need one!
My drive to work is fabulous, smooth sailing all the way, hardly any traffic. I drive a little bit farther, but it’s worth it, living where we live.
Someone pinch me!  Really. Pinch me. I cannot believe that this is all happening. It HAS happened. I can’t believe it!
I’m taking time off work in the next week and a half to unpack and settle in. I’m so looking forward to unpacking, to putting things in their final place. We don’t ever ever plan on moving, so where ever I decide to put the silverware, that’s where the silverware is staying forEVER! I can’t wait to decorate either. I have to force myself to be patient, and I think it’s going to be really hard for me. We are going to tackle one room at a time to decorate. We’re doing the great room first because we will spend the majority of our time in there.  We’re buying all new furniture for that room – I have my eye on a couple of couches and chairs I want to buy. The girls’ rooms are coming along too!  We bought some wall art for both of their rooms this weekend. Miss Diva Arlene’s room is going to be quite snazzy, and Miss Sweetie Lydia’s room is going to be very cute!