Pre-Halloween ghoulish delights

The P family just loves Halloween!  It’s a family affair and we go all out. Each year we have a pre-Halloween feast of GHOUL-ash the night before Halloween. {We order pizza the night of Halloween – it’s quicker and easiery prior to putting on costumes and going trick-or-treating!} 
The table was set, the lights low, and ghoulish music was playing in the background. Yes, that’s a severed hand.
Each P family member had name tags by their place. Lydia’s said “Lydia from the Lagoon” and we had “Absolutely Freaky Arlene” and “Wicked Witch Wendy” and “Monsterly Mike.” Bwah hah hahhhh! Don’t you like the green glasses? They are apothacary jars.

The bow tie GHOULash looked sorta brainy, we thought. Mmmm, brains!
My minions, happily enjoying their pre-Halloween feast.
Tonight is trick-or-treating!  We bought a metric TON of candy. Our neighborhood is huge with lots of little kiddies and we’ve heard rumor that trick-or-treating is quote “insane” – we are ready and we are EXCITED!

We baked! Pie pops!

I had been drooling over these pie pops …
… ever since I saw them on Pinterest a month ago. Just the idea of pie on a stick? Yum, I’m IN! The Pinterest link led to this tutorial and I also found this recipe online. {There are a lot of recipes online for various pie pops!} Both recipes seemed simple, simple enough for ME to do (I am not good in the kitchen, trust me) so the girls and I gave it a go this past weekend. They came out GREAT!
Here’s the recipe:
* 1 package refrigerated Pillsbury pie crust
* Pie filling 
{any kind of pie filling – you could also use jam}
We found strawberry rhubarb at Kroger! YUMMMM! Rhubarb is my favorite kind of pie!
* Sanding sugar 
{we bought ours at Hobby Lobby – you could use regular sugar too}
* Sticks 
{we bought cookie sticks at Hobby Lobby}
* Circle cookie cutters
*Little plastic candy bags {purchased at Hobby Lobby in the cake isle}
* Ribbon to tie the plastic baggies
* A cute container for displaying!
* Flour your surface lightly, then roll out one of the pie crusts 
{Put the other half of the crust in the fridge ’till you need it}
*Use a small circle cutter to cut out the shapes
The girls thought they had to press hard {teehee!}
*Lay the shapes on a cookie sheet
*Press a stick into each shape 
{Press it firmly but not too hard so it goes all the way through.}
*Put a teeny amount of filling in the center of each crust 
{Not too much or it will squish out the sides!}
*Put the tops onto each crust
*Press the crust layers together.
{Umm, those are Lydia’s hands – don’t they look like big girl hands?!  Geez. My babies aren’t babies no more!}
*I used a little wooden skewer to press into the sides of the crust to seal it and to make it look more pie-like!
*Brush the tops of each pie pop with egg white. 
*Add sanding sugar to the tops.
*Poke teeny vent holes into the tops of the pie pops {I used the little skewer to poke the holes.}
*Put them in the oven!  400 degrees for 10 minutes.
Look how good our first batch came out!  YES!

Kid tasted, kid approved!
We had leftover crust after our first go-round, so we tried to roll it out and use it.
Rolling, rolling, rolling ….

More rolling, rolling …
But what we discovered is that we rolled the dough too thick, so they came out all weird looking! 

But they tasted good! So we ate them up first.
We used the other half of the crust {the crust that was in the fridge} and made up pretty pie pops. {I rolled out the remainder of that crust really thin the second time-round and they turned out much better. So remember, thin crust is key!}
We had such fun baking! There has been one other time when I baked with the girls {we made cupcakes} and I need to do it more often because it was fun and we didn’t mess it up!{I did burn my hand a little, I touched the really hot cookie sheet on accident, whoops!}
They’re just so dang cute! And good!  

I put them in a mason jar – extra cuteness!

I bagged the pie pops and tied them with ribbon to keep them fresh. Extra, extra cuteness!

We used teeny tiny cookie cutters to cut out a few of the centers. When we make the pie pops again we’ll do more this way! 
Also: we tried to use a star cookie cutter shape to make the pops but it didn’t work too good – the sides didn’t seal properly. Circle is the way to go!
They are tasty! You can’t add too much of the filling, so the pops are heavy on the pie crust, but that’s OK by me, I like pie crust! 
Fun, fun, fun!  Fun kitchen times, go figure!  

Pink button cookies!

Today marks the occasion of my birth 32 years ago! It is a tradition in my office that the birthday honoree bring in a treat for everyone else. Even though that’s a little backward, it’s also a little fun.

I had spotted a tutorial from the Bakerella blog awhile ago about Coraline-inspired cookies and had favorited the link, knowing that sometime I would use it – and today’s the day!

Feast your eyes upon the cuteness that is, my birthday button cookies!

They are the cutest little bites of sugar cookie goodness!

Bakerella used peanut butter cookies for their buttons. I’m not a big fan of PB cookies, so I improvised and made mine out of sugar cookie dough. I took it a couple steps further and put sugar on top and colored the dough pink. SUPER CUTE!

Super duper cute!