Ahhhh, nature

In honor of spring break, an early spring, and my birthday, we escaped this past weekend for a long-weekend-get-a-way trip with our camper. We went to Brown County, Indiana. Have you ever been there? It is gorgeous

I had no idea that ferns grew like this. I was enamored by their little spirals. The next day, after taking this photo, they had all uncurled. 
Lots of fun times with these two goofy kids!
I wore my boots and my favorite skirt on my birthday day and we walked around the town of Nashville, Indiana, which is my new favorite place. It’s filled with artists shops, craft shops and little boutiques. I loooooved it. 
Not a shabby way to ring in my 34th year.

3 thoughts on “Ahhhh, nature

  1. 1. Love this post.
    2. Good for you for taking your camper and GETTING on the road!
    3. Ferns are incredible. I love them, too. Your photos are stunning.
    4. The pics of the girls made me smile. 🙂
    5. I love your cowboy boots and the print of that skirt.

    I hope your birthday was amazing.

  2. Fiddleheads! You could've 'gone country' and eaten them. They're tasty when they're little and prepped the right way. Kind of tastes like spinach/swiss chard.

    Love your dress and boots. 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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