We all scream for ice cream

Ice cream is a big time favorite in the P household. BIG TIME. We love ice cream. All flavors. All kinds. When we moved into our new town last fall we were delighted to find out that there are four ice cream shops nearby – three mom and pop shops and a Dairy Queen. We were quite deflated when we found out that the Dairy Queen is seasonal. It closed in October, but thankfully, it’s back open now!  We have frequented two of the four ice cream shops in the past week. It’s ice cream season for sure.
We were all just minding our own business on a quiet Sunday afternoon, with the windows wide open because it was a beautiful day. What’s that?  What’s that noise?  What’s that beautiful music we hear?! It’s an ICE CREAM TRUCK in our neighborhood!! We were jumping up and down for joy. We frantically rounded up all the change we could find and sent the girls out to get their goodies. 
We’ve never had treats from an ice cream truck because we lived on a super busy street before. Our new neighborhood is a cul-de-sac street! Perfect for ice cream trucks!  In fact the ice cream truck man told us he’d come back frequently this summer!  HOOORAY!  Honestly I think my husband and I were just as excited (and maybe a little more) than the girls were! 
They are patiently waiting across the street for the ice cream truck to turn around at the end of the street and come back.

Glorious glorious ICE CREAM!

We’ve been having some wonderful weather around here. I hope it stays! We bought the girls new shorts and new flippy floppies this weekend because they’ve both shot up like weeds since last summer and outgrew their old summer clothes. Probably from eating lots of ice cream!! 

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