My mom and me

One of my most favorite things to do is unpack the girls’ folders from school because nine times out of 10 I find little gems like the one I found last week! Lydia wrote a story about me and she was very complimentary. I loved it and I had to share!
To translate, she writes, “I love my mom a lot. She is so pridey (teehee! “pretty”) and nice! My mom has green eye’s and brown hair. I miss her a lot when I am at school.”
{Oh my goodness! So precious!}

“My mommy is vary nice. My mom’s favorite color is green. She is 32 years gold. My sister and me like to make her pichrs.” 
{I told her she can say I’m 32 forever and she didn’t know what I meant. I told her ladies don’t like to reveal their ages but 32 is a good age to be. [I’m 33 going on 34 in 32 days, but who’s counting].}
“Over the weekend she cled {cleaned} her crafd room. We do craf’s together. One day she helpd me make an owl.” 
{Not sure what the ‘peloe’ thing is on the bottom …}
I LOVE these. So much. I’m going to keep them forever and ever. My ‘to-keep forever and ever’ pile of things from the girls is ever growing! Every day they write in a journal and those are journals are just beyond precious. I’m going to put them all in the binder at the end of the school year.
Both of the girls are getting so good at spelling for being only in first grade! It shocks me how good they are. They spell things right almost all the time and if it’s wrong, it’s spelled phonetically and very close to being right. Such smartie pants. And so sweet! How lucky am I to get such sweet sentiments?! 

2 thoughts on “My mom and me

  1. This is so sweet! My MIL saved all the notes/stories my hubby wrote. They are the most wonderful keepsake. Your girls will love that you keep them forever and ever.

    Funny about the 32 thing. 😉

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