Paper heart garland tutorial

This paper heart garland can’t be any simpler or cuter! I love paper garlands because they’re quick and easy to make. This one is super simple!
Supplies needed:
8 sheets of craft paper {I use scrapbooking paper and I prefer the paper that has a coarse finish because it’s sturdier, but you could use any paper for this project}

Heart-shaped cookie cutters to trace or my pattern {PDF is below}. I used two different sizes of hearts.

Sewing machine and thread
First, trace the hearts onto your paper with a pencil. I trace onto the smooth side of my coarse paper.

Cut out each heart.

Erase any pencil marks.

Decide what your pattern will look like and stack the hearts in that order.
Sewing the hearts:
Use a straight stitch and run the paper hearts through the machine. Sew with the coarse side of the paper facing up. It helps to have a relatively new needle in your machine so it can punch through the paper.
Leave about a four inch tail at the start and start sewing a straight stitch. My first garland was stitched horizontally through the hearts. You don’t have to worry about being perfectly exact with stitch placement.

When you get almost to the edge of the heart, keep gentle pressure on the paper heart with your hand to glide it all the way to the edge.

Keep slight pressure and pull very gently so that your thread doesn’t get tangled up.

To keep the spaces even between the hearts, I pulled each heart to the very back edge of my machine then started stitching the next heart.

You may have to bring up your needle to get the paper heart to slide in.

I decided to make a vertical garland of hearts too. They are stitched the same way.

The banner is so lightweight it can be hung up with scotch tape.

I hung the vertical banners on the windows beside our front door.

I got fancy and sewed a heart doily behind the paper hearts and hung it on our mantle!

Cute, right?

I’ve included the PDF of the pattern below, however, feel free to email me at twostartwins{at}{gmail}{dot}{com} to request that the PDF be emailed to you directly. I’d be more than happy to email it to you.

var docstoc_docid=”132762883″;var docstoc_title=”Paper Heart Garland Pattern”;var docstoc_urltitle=”Paper Heart Garland Pattern”; Paper Heart Garland Pattern

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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