Kid thoughts and drawings

The girls are expressing themselves through words and drawings these days and it’s quite fascinating to see what they come up with. 
Lydia writes notes all the time to us. Little post it notes. Little cards. It’s so very cute. I save all of them and I have quite a drawer full. One day she had gotten into trouble and was sent to her room. After she got out of her time out I got this card:
The front

The inside. Notice the RIVER of tears flowing down from her? And me? With the TWO STARS on my dress?! Oh how precious. Her text above the people says, “I am sorry. I was taking care of my markers.” You see, she was in trouble to begin with and was sent to her room but was taking a loooooong time to get up and go to her room, so she got into more trouble. But her explanation is that she was taking so long because she was taking care of her markers. Teehee.

And this is the back!  She was forgiven, of course, and I told her that really, she doesn’t need to be THAT sorry for it. It wasn’t a big deal!
Both of the girls write journals at school. Those are always interesting. This comes out of Arlene’s latest journal:
To translate: “I had a TV dinner last night. I had a corn dog. We watched the Adam’s Family. It was fun! I liked it.”
How HILARIOUS is that? It just cracks me up. This was a Daddy day care night {I think I had a late meeting for work} and indeed, the girls had TV dinners and watched a movie. I can assure you they have only had maybe ONE TV dinner in their entire lives. Not knowing this based on Arlene’s text, I wonder what the teacher thinks of us?! Haha! What’s funny is that whenever Daddy is home with them he lets them do cool stuff like eat dinner in front of the TV. Arlene’s illustration is spot-on. They are lying on blankets in front of the TV. The person she drew inside the TV cracks me up too. 
Lydia made this little note for me at school one day. I hung it up in my office:
The line “just remember I love you” is something she’s been writing on a lot of things lately. Isn’t her handwriting neat? She’s been working on it. The “your’s truley” slays me!  She’s such a sweet kid. Both her and Arlene are very detail oriented – notice the drawn Mommy has green eyes and brown hair and the drawn Lydia has blue eyes and red hair.
I absolutely love the little stories, notes and drawings they come up with. They just warm my heart!

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