I made a purse, again

I made a purse this weekend! This is the fifth purse I’ve made out of this pattern. {This was also the first project I did in my awesome new craft room! Heaven! It was heaven. I had so much room to spread out and I could find everything that I needed thanks to my organized boxes of supplies. Aaaaaahhhh!}

I added a doily to the outside of the purse because I’m quite fond of doilies.

I added a key fob to the inside of the purse so my keys don’t get lost.

The inside lining of the purse is a coordinating fabric with the outside. 
This past fall I had made a Halloween-themed purse, but I don’t have a picture of it! Drat.
Previously to the that one, I made an owl purse from the same pattern:
I had made one out of sewing themed fabric:

I originally made a Christmasy one: 

I love the purse because it’s big and squishy and holds all that I want it to hold. Plus it hangs just right on my hips so it doesn’t get in the way when I’m out and about and I can wear it as a cross-shoulder bag if I want to, too. It’s been fun to customize it to my needs also, like adding a bigger inside pocket and adding the key fob. 
I had originally gotten the pattern off of the Oh Fransson! blog. The pattern is no longer available on her blog but you can purchase it here.  

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