Girlie girlie hair do’s

The girls decided last week that they wanted to cut their hair. We had a tiny bit of hair drama with Lydia’s hair. {I’m sure this hair drama was only a taste of the hair drama we’ll experience as the girls get older!} 
They both said they wanted “inches and inches” cut off their hair. 
Arlene before:
Back of Arlene’s hair before {it’s not usually that curly – she had it up in a bun that day}

Lydia before: 

Arlene was way into the hair style books at the salon!

Arlene during her cut – she sure did get “inches and inches” cut off! She missed being able to donate to Locks of Love by two inches.
Arlene after her cut! I just love her hair! I’m jealous of it! She used to have a short bob like this when she was about three years old. It suits her!
Lydia after her initial hair cut … 

Now, sure, she’s incredibly cute. But, the back of her hair wasn’t laying right at all. Once we got home and I really looked at her hair I realized it was flipping out in all different directions and it appeared to be uneven and some parts were textured and some were not. So, the next day, I took her to my hair stylist to get it cut again. {Originally we were at a walk-in salon.} My stylist worked wonders!  Also, Lydia got bangs again!  She had been growing them out for a year and it was going great, but she decided she wanted them again. 
Lydia during her cut at my salon:

Some fooling around at the salon:

Arlene got some special treatment at the salon too – a braid and some curls!

Here’s the after shot! Such cuties! They both love their hair cuts and so do I!  Lydia’s hair is still long enough to be put up in a pony tail or a braid, which is what she wanted. Lesson learned: the girls only get their hair cut maybe twice a year – splurge and take them to the real salon!

4 thoughts on “Girlie girlie hair do’s

  1. Wendy, I don't know what it is about this post, but my heart nearly exploded. I loved the befores. Especially the photo of Lydia with her hair over one shoulder. These girls are growing up before our VERY EYES.

    Both of the new styles are ADORABLE and fit them perfectly. I long for Arlene's bob and I wish I could have Lydia's bangs.

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