My new craft room

When we moved into our new house my craft room was a room I knew I wanted to spend some time unpacking and decorating. I set up the rest of the house first and then before I knew it, five months had passed and my craft room was a disaster zone. It had become a grave yard for discarded boxes and junk. Finally this past weekend I dove in. 
When I had packed up my old craft room I didn’t really go through and organize stuff as I was putting it into boxes. I pretty much just shoved things away. Which made it interesting when I began unpacking the boxes!  I uncovered stuff I forgot I had, I uncovered lots of old photos of myself and my kids, and I kept finding gifts for everyone. My dad got a pair of pliers I had borrowed a long time ago and neglected to give back; my mom got some books and I also found a piece of jewelry of hers that I had meant to repair but never did; my kids got countless sticker books and blank notebooks and envelopes and paper; my husband got some CDs that we didn’t even know I had stored in the craft room boxes; and I uncovered for myself all of my husband’s writings, which was a real treat. {my husband is a writer/poet and when we first started dating and early on in our marriage he would write the most beautiful poems and letters to me. I saved each and every one over the years!}
Here’s the view from the door:
Here’s my work table and shelves which hold supplies and photos and miscellaneous stuff:

 I’m in LOOOOVE with my work area. We had purchased that vintage formica table to be used as our kitchen table in our new house, but we ended up getting a new table. I had listed the table and chairs set on Craig’s List and someone bought the chairs but not the table. Meant to be! I moved the table from the basement to my craft room. The table is sturdy and provides a ton of work space, which I was always lacking in my old craft room. 
{And yes, that’s Edward Cullen. I got him a couple years ago and he was put in my craft room when we moved. I decided to keep him around, for now.}
This wire holds pictures – my little artists need to get busy!

Close up of the shelves above the table:

I half-splurged on an Ott Light for my space. I say half-splurged because the Ott Lights were half off at JoAnn Fabrics this week! That light is intense. This photo doesn’t do it justice. 

This shelf holds all of my shop stock:

I had made those lollipops for my kids’ birthday party a couple years ago. They had been sitting in a basket tucked away but I like them so much I wanted to display them. I stuck them on the wall with double sided sticky tape. The mustache prints are actually postcards I had purchased on Etsy; the same with the crochet prints.

I decided to organize my craft supplies in my closet into the different types of crafts. 

I used a few plastic tubs that I already had and bought some new ones and wrote on sticky notes the contents of each box. Now, when I want to do a particular craft I can grab one box and then put it back once I’m finished. That’s the plan anyway.
I also realized in my unpacking that I have quite a lot of fabric. Really it’s too much. I have a ton. I filled up two huge plastic tubs of colored and designed fabric and one plastic tub of just white fabric and felt. 

I’m very happy to finally have this room done. I am inspired to make stuff! I have a mile-long projects-to-do list! 

7 thoughts on “My new craft room

  1. Love it. Makes me want to work on my craft room this weekend! I don't think you have too much fabric, I just think you need to store it differently. My Mom used tubs and loathed her collection for years, then she went to IKEA and bought an Expedit shelf (various sizes to suit your space) Now she can display the tubs and tubs of fabric like at a fancy quilt shop – she loves it! And it looks like you have some real estate in your room – maybe an option? 🙂

    Beautiful! Can't wait to see what magic comes out of there. Keep us posted.

  2. well it is official, do NOT invite me to your home or I will never leave. Between your tub, kitchen and now this I would be in heaven!!

    Seriously, your room is AWESOME. I love all the little touches and I think the wire for the girls to hang their pictures is fantastic!

  3. @Sarah – I'm liking your idea of the shelves! Whenever I look through my fabric stash I get giddy because I just love all of the colors and designs (that sounds weird typed out, but it's the truth!). I think if I had it all displayed out and in the room I'd use it more!

    @WK – come down anytime! You bring that little boy with you and we'll watch him while you bathe, cook and craft!

  4. I'm LOVING this space! Such a precious craft room, although mine usually looks junky most of the time! haha! And it was funny, because I was thinking to myself… “this blogger seems pretty fun, but do I REALLY need to add ANOTHER blog to my reader?” And then I read that part about Edward Cullen and I just laughed to myself….you are definitely being added, and mostly because I love the fact that you have a giant Edward Cullen in your craft room. I sure hope we can be blog friends…. LOL!!!!!

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