Photo house tour!!

I realized that since we’ve moved more stuff into our new house and I’ve decorated more that I never gave a proper photo tour!  So here you go!  And as an added bonus, you can see our Christmas deco!
The P homestead. We have a three car garage – our driveway is to the right and the garage is side-entry.

Standing from the garage door. We have a laundry room right as you walk in which opens into the hallway leading to the half bath, Mike’s study and the kitchen.

Half bath.

Mike’s study, still in progress!  My dad is building wall shelves so Mike’s massive collection of CDs, records and books can be displayed nicely.

This is the view looking into the study. Isn’t that desk cool – it’s an antique. Once the shelves are done and the room is complete I will take pictures of it.
View looking from the study into the kitchen and great room. 

Part of kitchen and great room. To the left is the breakfast nook.

Breakfast nook.


Another view of the kitchen. You can also spy the front room, the “parlor” as it’s called, with our white Christmas tree.
This is the chalkboard I made!  I made it from a frame, a piece of wood and chalkboard spray paint. This area is grand central. I organize all of the girls’ school stuff here and keep our schedules organized. 

The great room. We spend all of our time in this room. I love how cozy and warm it turned out. I wanted it to have an “autumnal” theme. Our couches are just awesome; I love them so very much!

Another view of the great room.

Yet another view of the great room. 

TV console and our tree. It’s a live tree – we cut ‘er down! I can’t believe it but I had plenty of bulbs to decorate two trees. I even had some leftover!

Another view of the tree.

The fireplace.

I made those little trees out of paper doilies (was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest!)  At night they glow and flicker because I have little fake candles under them. I also made the star garland. I cut out star shapes and sewed a straight stitch on my machine.

Another view of the great room. 

Looking from the great room toward the front door. The door on the left is the basement door. We have a full basement that’s unfinished. Perfect for storing stuff!

The day we moved in my dad gave this to us. He PAINTED it!  It’s the front of our house. Scroll up to my first picture and you will see just how exact it is!  It is a gift we will treasure always. It sits upon my printer’s tray in the foyer. 

Parlor room. I still need to get a couple of end tables to go on either side of the couch. 

All of my toys are inside this case.

I love my collection!

The white tree – this it the ‘girl tree’ as we called it this year. It’s all pinks and purples and sparkles and ribbon!

View from the parlor room looking toward the front door.

View from the foyer.

This is our dining room. We don’t have a table yet. We put up a folding table and the girls and Mike are putting together a puzzle right now. 

Another view of the kitchen and breakfast nook from the dining room.

Standing at the front door, stairs are up, parlor room to the left, dining room to the right, great room straight ahead.

Upstairs now!  This is the loft. It’s the girls’ play room.

Girls’ bathroom.

Arlene’s room. Her room looks huge because her bed is up against a wall. Her room is total diva. Black and pink. Ha! I think I may get her a rug to put by the bed, to break up that expanse of carpet.

Hee hee – you can never be too careful. This is my craft room, which currently Santa’s workshop.

Craft room/disaster zone. I haven’t done anything in this room except make a mess. My sewing machine is set up and most of my crap is tucked away in the closet. It’s a pretty big mess though. The door stays shut all the time!

View from the girls’ bathroom looking toward Lydia’s room on the right and the master bedroom straight ahead.

Lydia’s room. She got a double bed, so her room doubles as a guest room.

Other side of Lydia’s room. Her room is very cozy and sweet.

Master bedroom.

Seating area.

Looking into our bathroom. My walk in closet is the closed door.

Master bathroom.
Another view. We have his and hers sinks. Mike’s is to the left, mine is to the right. Mike’s walk in closet is in here too, to the left, and we have a little room that houses the toilet.  

Tub. Favorite spot!
Walk in shower and my vanity.  

Another view of the steps and the loft.

Steps, railing, loft and front door. That window is huge and it’s a bit daunting at night because we don’t have a shade on it. I used to be nervous about people looking in, but, there’s no one directly across from us. It wouldn’t look right covered up anyway. I’ve gotten used to it. I figure, if someone sees me in my PJs, oh well! And we’ve taught the girls not to run out of the bathroom naked after their baths!

Stairs, front door.
And that concludes the tour!  We are in deep love with the house. I’m STILL amazed it’s ours. It’s been so much fun getting settled in and decorating. There’s still stuff to do but we’re taking it slow and taking our time. We are so blessed and lucky to call it home. 
Hope you enjoyed the tour!  

5 thoughts on “Photo house tour!!

  1. HGTV eat your heart out!

    The house replica from your Dad is incredible and so special. I love those.

    You should be so very proud of your home. It's quite incredible, with your unique touches on it. Gorgeous!!!

  2. Your house is GORGEOUS!

    Love the white tree, the painting from your dad AND the tray that it is on, love the chalkboard, love your toy cabinet….ok, I really like everything you have done to your new home!!

    (I am with Nadja….I am envious of that kitchen!)

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