Little kid journals

Each week in school the girls write journal entries. Sometimes they have free reign as to what they get to write, other times they get prompted with a question to answer or a topic to write about. This is all very new and exciting for them, to actually be able to write out words. They are trying their best to spell out words. Their little imaginations are so great! And their little drawings? Adorable!
Arlene’s – it says, “I once went to DQ with my mom and dad and my sister it was fun.”

Lydia’s – it says, “My birthday is coming up and it is going to be a LaLaLoopsy birthdy and I love LaLaLoopsy and my mom does too.”  Sure thing! She knew that I was going to make her a LaLa birthday cake out of the ferris wheel we have – so she drew that. How cute!

Arlene’s – “When someone went to my door and they left a goodie bag on my door and they ringed my doorbell.”  She’s talking about the time we got Boo’d for Halloween! I love her illustration of our house – it’s pretty darn accurate!
Lydia’s – “I like rainbows. You can only see them when there’s rain and sun.”  Very true! Her purple sun cracks me up!
Arlene’s – “On Saturday I went to my mom’s friend’s house and we carved pumpkins and it was fun.” She’s talking about when we trekked to Toledo to see Amber.

Lydia’s – “One time I got to ride on my uncle’s motor cycle. When we were camping.” This is hilarious that she wrote about this – it must have been memorable. She rode Uncle Jeremy’s cycle around a cul-de-sac while we were camping. Her illustration is pretty spot-on!

Arlene’s – “Once upon a time there was a witch and she was cooking a stew for her and her cat in a building.” I love that the witch is “in a building” – hah!

Lydia’s – I lost 4 teeth and 2 teeth are wiggly. My sister lost 5 teeth. She lost more teeth than me.” The simplicity of this just cracks me up. But! Lydia lost another tooth this week, so now they’re even!
It’s such a treasure watching the girls expand their vocabularies in print and learning how to write. They are tasked this year in first grade to be able to write paragraphs by the time the year is over. Fun stuff!

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