Owl luminaries

For trick-or-treating the girls and I made owl luminaries out of paper bags. They were so easy to make, and fun! I got the tutorial from a great blog called My Owl Barn, but I can’t find the tutorial to link to. {The blog has a bunch of really cute owl stuff!} The luminaries were so simple; here’s the supplies needed:
Paper lunch bags
Construction paper in fall colors
White cupcake liners
Tea candles
Instructions: Cut the tops off the paper bags. Glue down two cupcake liners as eyes then glue buttons inside the liners. Cut 2-inch strips of construction paper the length of your bags and cut fringe onto the bottom of each piece. (We used four pieces of fringe per owl.)

Glue the fringe down, starting at the bottom row. Overlap each piece by about half an inch to an inch. Let dry. Add sand inside the bag and a candle.
The luminaries lasted all night and didn’t fall over. I couldn’t capture a decent picture of them glowing at night, but take my word for it, they were cuuuuuute!
We lined the walkway with them. Each one was different!

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