My two dearest stars

A letter to my two dearest stars, my twins, Arlene and Lydia,
I cannot believe that you are seven years old. I mean really, stop growing up already! You’re getting too old, you don’t need me much anymore, sniff sniff!  Each year on your birthday I’ve written you a little letter and posted it upon this here blog. I’ll probably stop doing so eventually, because at some point you’ll probably ask me to stop writing about you on my blog. But, you haven’t asked me to stop yet. This year, I’m really late with my letter – a whole week late! But, life’s been pretty busy lately, and I wanted to have time to sit down and write you a letter that somewhat expresses my thoughts in a complete way. I didn’t want to rush it.
First, in alphabetical order, my dearest Arlene,
You, my little one, are hilarious. Always the happy one, always the care fee one. You’re a delightful little spirit, you are. I find your humor both hilarious and also a little maddening. You make people laugh at your no-nonsense take on things. For example, when we were moving into our new house, Daddy and Papa were moving in Daddy’s big huge desk into his study. They were trying really hard not to scuff up our new floors, so they kept putting pieces of cardboard down where they’d be walking. They had to cut a couple pieces to fit into some spaces. After the desk was moved in the cardboard was going to be thrown away. You walked into the room, holding up a piece of cardboard and asked if you could have it. It was an oval shape. Papa asked you what you were going to make out of it, and you said, quite simply, “A taco.” And we all howled with laughter. That’s about the last thing we all expected you to say. Sure enough, you folded that oval in half and colored a taco, complete with meat, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream. You’re so creative. Your humor is also a big maddening at times, because you tend to be loose with your bodily functions, much to the laughter of your Daddy, much to the annoyance of me. Kid, you can fart on command. You’ve been able to do it since you were four years old. Your Daddy is so proud. You’re momma’s embarrassed. So you’re sister, for the record. Your sense of style is quite catching for a seven year old. I like to take you shopping with me because you actually pick out some really good stuff, and if something doesn’t look right, you tell me. When you and I were furniture shopping a couple weeks ago, we were looking for fabric to cover a chair. I was looking through one book of fabric, you were looking through another, and I and getting frustrated because I couldn’t find anything I liked. You told me that you found a good fabric in your book, and my goodness, you did!  You found the most perfectly perfect fabric. We went ahead and purchased that fabric to cover our chair. Good choice!  You, my dear, are a little social butterfly. You talk all the time about your friends at school and we think you may be a bit of a ring leader. But what’s awesome is that you have a good mix of shyness and leadership. You’re not overbearing, you’re just right. You step up when you want to, lead other kids in a fun game, and also play along with other’s games. You’re so full of energy. At least 30 million times a day I tell you to calm down because you’re like a pinball, bouncing from one thing to the next, jumping up and down, feet in the air, hands in the air crazy pants dancing running running. Your energy is refreshing and also exhausting! You are a sweet, sweet soul and I’m so proud of you and so happy that you’re my daughter. You’re becoming a grown up little girl, full of ideas, full of your own style. Your a little cutie-patootie with your cool little glasses and your sassy little smile. Your creativity makes me so proud. I love you.
My dearest sweetheart Lydia,
You are the sweetest of girls, Lydia May. You are the happiest of happy, the sweetest of sweet, and nothing pleases me more than to see you open up presents. It’s just awesome. At your birthday party, you’d start to rip open a gift, peek to see what it was, get a big huge grin on your face, run up to the person who got it for you, give them a big ‘ol hug, then go back to the gift, open it all the way, exclaim how it was JUST WHAT YOU WANTED!! and then give the gift-giver another hug and a kiss too. You’re so sweet and kind. You make people happy because you show genuine emotion. You give hugs like nobody’s business and your favorite thing is to snuggle. You crawl up on your Grandma’s lap and settle down for a good snuggle and we joke that you’ll be trying to do that when you’re 16 too! Your legs are so long you no longer fit on our laps but we make you fit because we all just love some Lydia snuggle time. You’ve got such a kind big heart, my child. You take great care of your sister and you look out for other people too. You love animals so, so much and I’m sorry that I won’t let you get a dog. I know you’d be a great animal caretaker. Someday, I promise. For now you can surround yourself with all of your many stuffed animals and you can pet our neighbors’ dogs to your little heart’s content. You have such a carefree, easy going attitude. But it’s not so carefree that you won’t assert yourself. We love that. Pretty much all the time you’ll go with the flow, go along with what we’re doing, but if you don’t want to do something, or don’t want to eat something, you let us know in no uncertain terms, and we just have to let you have your way, well, because you’re so emphatic and because you usually DO just go with the flow. When we were buying stuff for your room you wanted a owl pattern from Target and the rest was up to me. While your sister (ahem!) was quite insistent about having certain things and certain colors in her room, you told me all the time, “I don’t care what you do Mommy!” and we went with it. Together we put together your room and it turned out so sweet, just like you. Your room is a mix of florals, a mix of pinks and oranges, owls, hearts, stuffed dogs and kitties, and an antique shelf full of stuff from my childhood, your grandma and great-grandma. Sometimes I think you’re an old soul inside a little kid body, my little Lydia. Your Daddy and I trust you quite a bit – we always have. If there’s something we want help with, you’re the first person we call. And you help us with a smile, which is always nice. You’re only one minute older than your sister but you’re wiser and older acting, not in a boastful way, but in a good, older sister type of way. You take care of Arlene and you always will. You are a sweet, loving kid and I’m so proud of you and so happy that you’re my daughter. I love you, Lydia.
Both of you are such treasures, such good little kids. You’re polite and patient and kind. We’ve had quite a busy year, but you’ve gone with the flow, done what needed to be done, all with your smiling, happy happy happiness that just swells up our hearts. We moved out of our old house and into an apartment and you got to share a room with a bathroom attached and you thought that was just the coolest thing ever. You loved your room in that apartment. When we moved in with your Grandma you loved that too, all of that extra attention. You have positively flourished in the short time we’ve lived in our brand new house. You each have your own room! We weren’t sure how that would go – but you both have embraced your rooms as your own, and you enjoy finally having your own space. You kiss each other goodnight each night and after we put you to bed and we retire to the family room downstairs, we can hear the pitter patter of your feet going back and forth from each other’s rooms. You’ve made friends in the neighborhood – you’re not shy to scooter down the street or drive your little Barbie car. You’re just so stinking resilient! It’s been so great, and very easy on your Daddy and I. We were worried about you starting a new school, learning a new routine. Silly us. You’re old pros at it all! 
You are the greatest things to ever happen to your Daddy and I and each and every day we love you more and more. Keep growing, keep learning, keep loving and keep up the greatness that is you.
You’re loved so very much!

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