A LaLaLoopsy Birthday Party!

My little girls are SEVEN!  How did that happen?!  SEVEN!?  I kept telling them all weekend that they needed to just stop growing older
We had a birthday party for them at our new house!  Crazy times!  Actually it was a lot of fun!  We had plenty of room to spread out, and, there were no major spills or catastrophes. There were lots of grubby handprints on the walls, but, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are my new best friend! Everything cleaned up really nicely.
The girls had decided that they wanted a LaLaLoopsy Birthday party. I could totally get behind that! Now, admittedly, this year’s party wasn’t as produced or done up as in year’s past, but, given that we had just moved into our house, I cut myself some slack! 
My mom made the girls little dresses so they looked like LaLaLoopsy dolls!  
Arlene was Crumbs Sugar Cookie:
And Lydia was Bea Spell-A-Lot:
Umm, adorable!!
Table decorations:  ric rac and paper buttons, and the random mini LaLaLoopsy doll!

{Eeek, that tablecloth needed an ironing, oops!}

I made button sugar cookies!

And I MADE THIS CAKE!  I was so proud of myself.

Isn’t it adorable?! 

Big seven year olds. Sniff, sniff … tears!


Opening up gifts.


I love this picture of Lydia.

Eee! Eeee!  What is it?!

Look at Arlene’s face, haha!


Arlene on her skates, carrying her sassy new bedroom lamp.

Make a wish!
The girls had the happiest of birthdays with our friends and family. They are loved so so very much!

6 thoughts on “A LaLaLoopsy Birthday Party!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I love the ferris wheel cake! My little girl is having a 6th Birthday party – a Lalaloopsy Sleepover and I hope to copy your cake. I have never made a “real” cake, but I am going to try thanks to your blog! THANK YOU!!

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