Pictures of the new casa

Before we started moving in all of our stuff last Tuesday, I went through the new house and snapped some pictures. They’re in this slide show, and also here if the slide show doesn’t work on your computer.
Seeing these pictures now makes me realize how much we’ve unpacked so far!  It’s been really super fun unboxing all of our stuff – stuff we haven’t seen for a long time. The girls were squealing with delight when we opened up their toy boxes! 

We’ve still got aways to go before we’re completely unpacked. I go through bouts where I feel incredibly overwhelmed because the house isn’t settled yet. But then I realize, it’s a big house, I’m not going to finish it all right away! I need to practice patience.

We ordered furniture for our great room – it will be in toward the end of the month. The girls loft/play area is all decked out now – I’ll have to take pictures of that later. We have our TV hung on the wall in the great room!  That’s most important, according to my husband, and I must admit, it IS kinda cool. 

The house feels like HOME even though we’re still unpacking. It’s SO GREAT TO BE HOME!

As a side note, um, the girls SEVENTH birthday is SUNDAY!  We’re having a party Saturday!  I plan to ramp up birthday preparations toward the end of this week!  Eeeeek!

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