Dyeing Queen Anne’s Lace

The girlies and I took a little walk in the field behind Grandma’s house the other day and we found a whole bunch of Queen Anne’s Lace. I remembered as a kid dyeing it with food coloring. The girls were excited to give it a try.

{This was not posed – they walked hand in hand. Cuuuuuuute!}

Adding food coloring.

Giving it a good stir.

Making sure they’re in the vase just so.

Stir, stir!


This was my vase – will they turn red?

Will Arlene’s turn purple?

Will Lydia’s turn orange? 
We set the vases in the sun and it was really hot so they got a little wilty, but, after two days, they changed color!

Mine turned a shade of pink!

Arlene’s turned blue! We figured the blue dye was stronger than the red dye in her purple mix.

Lydia’s turned a shade of orange, yay!

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