The house is a house

It used to be that whenever we visited the new house, something else had been done to it. Something new was installed or finished. Now, when we go to visit, really nothing new has been done. Now, we’re gettin’ down to the wire!  It’s almost move-in time!  Now, the house looks like a house!  It’s practically finished, apart from a few clean ups and the yard needs to be put in. And when we go visit it makes us too wishful – we’d so like to just be living in there NOW!  We’d gladly live there while they finished installing all of the electric outlets. We wouldn’t mind the siding being put on the side of the house while we lived there, no siree!  Alas, we have to wait. Actually, we have less than 20 days to wait. We have a walk-through of the house on September 13. Everything will be finished by then. During our walk-through we’ll see if there are any last minute fixes they need to do. Those fixes will be completed that next week and we close on September 20.
The good news is that the correct carpet has been installed!  And it looks wonderful! I only took one picture of the carpet – I think because I was just so overjoyed that it looked EXACTLY how I had pictured it to look, I didn’t think to take any more pictures. Yay!
Check out the comparison. Now, I admit that the carpets don’t even look THAT much different. Trust me, in person, they are vastly different.

The stone on the fireplace was up!
And the stone on the front of the house was complete!
Come on September 20, get here quickly!!

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