First day of first grade!

I cannot believe that my babies are in first grade. I know that sounds so cliche, but I really do mean it. They’re almost seven. What?!  They’re in first grade. What?! Not possible!
Yesterday we went to their school to meet their teachers. We loooove their school. {They are able to start their school year in our new district, which is just awesome. We are going to be driving them in to school each morning and picking them up until we move into the new house.} Their school is almost brand new, and it’s a building-level school with looping classrooms. Which means the school is for grades one and two, and the girls will be in the same room, with the same kids and the same teachers, for first and second grade. {The girls are in separate classes – we purposefully requested that.} Their teachers are so nice and so eager to get to know the girls. We’re happy, happy, happy!
Because the girls are “car riders” for now, they get dropped off in front of the school and they walk to their classroom, which is kinda a far walk down a couple different hallways, making a few turns. I asked them if, on the first day, could I walk them back to their classrooms? They said, “No MOM, we don’t need your help!” What?! What?! Sniffle sniffle. I started fake crying and I told them that it upsets me that they’re growing up so fast and I got the whole “geez Mom, OK FINE you can walk us the first day!” speel, meaning “FINE mom, if you’re gonna cry about it, then FINE!” {teehee} I kinda wasn’t faking it though – they don’t even need me anymore! Tears!
Today was their first day! Nerves! Excitement! I took off the whole day from work, just in case they needed me. They didn’t. They were fine!
Just look at these bright smiling faces. They were so thrilled to start school. They got up early and got ready super fast. They couldn’t wait to leave. 

The bright new shoes must be pointed out. How niiiiiice! 
AND, wouldn’t you know it, as we were pulling into the school this morning, I was asked, in timid little voices from the back seat, “Can you please walk us in today?”  What? SURE! We started walking and they both slipped their little hands into my hands and I gave them a little squeeze. {Aaaahhh! I had a moment. But I held it together!} Honestly, I was so nervous for them. I was trying to hide it but I was really nervous for them. I wasn’t even sure what all to do, but we did it all right. We walked in the right door, stood in the right line, and then we walked down to their classrooms. They knew just what to do – put their backpacks in their cubbies, get out supplies, put on the board if they packed their lunch or they’re going to buy, etc., etc., … they were old pros at it all!
This school year is different for Mommy and I’m trying to just be OK with it. Last year I took them to school every morning, watched them walk in, ‘OK they’re in, all’s good,’ and then I went to work. My parents picked them up each day, which worked out perfectly. This year – Grandma is going to be taking them to school each morning because I can’t take them and then make it into work in time. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but it’s just different. I don’t get to see them walk into school. And, I can’t pick them up after school because they get out too early for me. So, Daddy is going to pick them up. Which I’m totally OK with, it’s just different. I don’t get to see them until I get home from work. However, when we move into our house it will be a little easier because I’ll be seeing them off on the bus in the morning and they’ll get off the bus at our house. 
I’m so proud of them. Just so proud. We’ve put them through a lot of changes this past year. We moved out of our house, into an apartment, then in with Grandma, and now they’re in a brand new school in a brand new area and they will be making brand new friends. But these girls? They just go with the flow. They are such happy go lucky kids. I love the little stinkers so much!

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