Homebodies without a home

We’re currently homeless. We have a roof over our head, a place to wash our clothes, and dinner that’s set upon the table before us each night. We have A home, just not OUR home.

We have lived with family for the last 34 days and have 32 days to go before our new house is finished. It ain’t been easy folks, not at all. But, we made this choice. We’re trying to remain OK with it. And trying to remain sane for the next 32 days …

When we sold our house last December we were relieved. We had been on the market for three years. We had de-cluttered the house at the beginning of our on-the-market stint. A whole lot of our cool stuff has been in storage for the better part of almost four years. I haven’t seen my precious Nightmare Before Christmas toys in ages. Sad. I miss my stuff, terribly so. When we moved into the apartment after selling our house we de-cluttered even more and sent even more stuff to storage. When we moved out of the apartment in July after six torturous months of living in ghetto-ville, we stored even more of our stuff.

Now, we’re living with my mother-in-law basically out of suitcases. We have our clothes, our Kindles, our Ipods, two bins of the girls’ toys, and a bag of embroidery projects for me. That’s it. We miss our stuff terribly. And while this is all good news, all of this time is leading up to us moving into our brand new house … we can’t help but get a little sad about our things. Our toys. Our possessions. Our favorite things. The things that make us, us. Things that make it feel like we’re home

We’ve been trying to be really upbeat throughout this whole process, but, you know what? I’m in a funk. Ugggg. I’m just getting through the days trying my best to be happy. But it stinks. Where we are right now stinks. We want to be home. In our home. While yes, we chose this path for ourselves, yes, we made all of the decisions that led us to be where we are right now … it’s just hasn’t played out in a fun way. When we sold our house we could have purchased a house right away, to avoid going into an apartment. But we didn’t have time to search for a house. In hindsight we should have picked a different apartment complex to live in. But we can’t change the past. Living with family is better than being in our apartment, but it’s still not ideal.

I feel bad being down about it, getting angry about where we are right now, because while it’s not fun, not fun at all, we are grateful for the opportunity to live with family and be able to save money. I haven’t had to do any of my kids’ laundry since we moved in with Grandma – that’s a big bonus! I haven’t had to cook at all either, another bonus. Buuut, I miss having my kids to myself. I miss deciding what my family eats for dinner. I miss being the one in charge.

I think I’ve just reached the point where enough is enough. I want to be home. I want to be settled.

32 days to go. 32 days. I can do it. I CAN DO IT. I CAN MAKE IT. We’re so close to the finish line.
And the first two things I’m unpacking once we move?

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