Getting closer and closer and closer!

The house is coming along at lightening speed! We still have 35 days until we move in but there’s not much left to do!  Since we had been there last, the electric and water had been turned on, most of the lights had been installed, the bathrooms were getting finished up and the trim was up and painted. Mainly just finishing work has yet to be done and the flooring has to be installed.
The front – the stone is supposed to be going on at the beginning of this week. We will have stone where there is gray.
The sidewalk and driveway were poured.

The granite was in the kitchen!!!

A view of the great room

Granite and range!

Another view of the granite – hard to tell from these pictures, but the granite has flecks of maroon and brown with cream colors.

This is the morning room – one of my favorite areas of the house. I love the natural light. This photo isn’t an accurate view of it – it’s actually lighter.

A view from the great room looking toward the kitchen (left) and you can see a peek of the stairs (right).

The dining room

The loft and the stair railing. The big chandelier had been installed.

The girls are so excited about their new bathroom!

They are pretending to do their hair, teehee.

Arlene in our shower pretending to be washing her armpits. Silly girl!

Sweeties!  They looooove visiting the new house as much as we do! They have made illustrations of how they want their new rooms to look. Arlene wants a pink and black room and Lydia wants a pink and orange room. We can’t wait to decorate!

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