Pinterest Challenge!

Earlier this week I put the call out to see if anyone wanted to participate in a Pinterest Challenge. The challenge is ON!  
Seven crafters/bakers/photographers are participating in this challenge.
 Here’s the scoop: we picked things from Pinterest that we want to make. We’re going to make them over the next week. We’ll share our creations next Friday, August 19. Crafting, yay! Baking, yay! Photography, yay!
Say hello to this week challengers!
First up, we’ve got Amber, who blogs at Write Here Write Now. Amber is going to tackle these yarn balloons:
Next up is Biscuit, who blogs at I Heart Velveteen {and has an Etsy shop!} – she’s going to make these comfy cushions:
Up next is Jamie, who blogs over at Grumbles and Grunts, she is converting a large shirt into a fitted shirt:
Next is Jill, who’s on a roll! Jill blogs at Happy Hopefuls. She’s tackling four pins for this challenge, whoah! She’s been inspired by baby photography on Pinterest and has an adorable model for her photos! Her first one is just too cute, this baby bum photo:
And this super cute photo:
And this hand photo:
And a crafty pin pin!  She’s going to make this:
Next up, Sarah B, who is our Canadian friend who blogs at A Random Sampling – she’s making some baby leggings for her little princess from this inspirational pin:
Next is Sarah D, who blogs at Turtle Parade – she’s making these scrumptious apple dumplings:
And finally, me, Wendy, I’m going to make a bracelet:
Be sure to check back next Friday for the challenge results!
Do you want to participate in the Pinterest Challenge? 
We’ll do another one, promise, and you can join in!  Leave a comment and I will email the details to you.

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