Oooo, kitchen cabinets!

Progress has been ROCKING on the new house!  Each time we go to visit the place something new has been done and it’s so dang exciting! 
Here’s the latest pics!
The windows have been trimmed and the front has been mudded for stone.

This is the loft; the railing was installed.

Yes, I realized I look incredibly dumb in this picture, but hey, I’m really stinkin’ excited about my new tub!!!

KITCHEN! Cabinets! 

The view from the kitchen looking into the living room. The fireplace will have stone around it.

Our stove pipe thingie! Mike really wanted that stove pipe vent thingie. I think it looks quite nice. Our cooktop will go beneath it. You’ll notice to the right of that we have a double oven. But, we weren’t supposed to have a double oven, we were supposed to have a microwave/oven combo – they’ll have to switch out the double oven and replace it with the correct appliance. Mike and I were laughing because never in a million years would we ever think we’d be in the place where it’s a problem that a double oven was installed incorrectly. Such a problem to have, teehee! 
Oh and we met our neighbors!  The house to the left of us {the house that scalped all of their trees in their backyard!} is the same model house as ours but has a different front. It’ll be done the day before ours. The neighbors are so nice! They’re our age and have a little boy and another on the way. They told us they cut down the trees in their backyard because they were some variety of tree that had poisonous pickers on it. Hmmm! Ok then! Hope our trees don’t have poisonous pickers on them! {We don’t think they do.} The neighbors were super nice though and we’re very happy to have met them!

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