Mini vacay in two states

{The girls at an overlook of Lake Cumberland}
We went on a little mini vacay!  We went to Lake Cumberland, Kentucky for the weekend and boated with family {super fun!} and then we went camping in Brookville, Indiana for a couple days. Lots of relaxation! Good family times!
The girls went tubing with their older cousin Haley, which was like the COOLEST THING EVER in their book!  They had a blast! And little miss daredevil Arlene was giving me a heart attack because she kept raising up her hands while the tube was bouncing!  Hold on little kid, hold on!  She shows no fear in some circumstances, yet won’t go to sleep without Lydia in the room because she’s afraid of the dark; silly kid!
It was a good vacation, albeit a little short. I’ll be taking more time off work when we move into the new house!

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