And finally, we have a completion date!

We’re so excited! We have an estimated completion date for the new house!
September 20, 2011!  
As our house has progressed I’ve been asking for an estimated completion date because I just needed a DATE to put on our calendar. The builder was waiting to give me a date until he fixed the issue with our master bathroom ceiling and then he had to schedule drywallers. Well, the drywall was finished this past weekend and finally, he gave me a date! Granted, something could throw that date off, but I’m so elated to actually have a DATE! We will have a walk-through of the completed house one week before, on September 13, and our closing is scheduled for the 20th. WE CANNOT WAIT!
Master bathroom, with the ceiling how it should be – vaulted!

Master bedroom!
Front of the house!

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