Handmade Summer Skirt Number Ten

This skirt was the very first one I made, and I have to mention my mom’s huge help in this summer skirt wardrobe endeavor! I always had the notion that I could NOT sew clothes, because I have a really hard time deciphering the patterns. My mom is a very good seamstress, I get my skills from her! She sat down with me one Saturday afternoon and we made this skirt. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was with her help and guidance! I went on a roll after this first one and made nine others, and for a couple I even used a different pattern, one that I was able to read and follow!
I love this fabric – I love tulips! I used two coordinating prints of the same design. The cotton is really super soft too, this is the softest feeling skirt of all of them that I made. I used Simplicity Pattern 2606.
I bought a bright orange cardigan to pair with this skirt, and I wear a pale yellow tank top under it along with my little yellow metal flower pin.

Since the tulips are also pink, yellow and white, I can pair the skirt with any of my other zillion cardigans and tank tops.

So that’s it, all 10 of my summer skirts!

3 thoughts on “Handmade Summer Skirt Number Ten

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wendy, i LOVE all these cute little skirts! why can't i find skirts in stores anymore, i wondered? well, i still don't know WHY, but now i'm just going to make my own, like you did. such lovely colors you used. i'm off to get Simplicity 2606. thanks so much for sharing,

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