Handmade Summer Skirt Number Three

Here ’tis, skirt number three out of ten
For this one, I used Simplicity Pattern 2224 but I made it up as a modified panel skirt. I pieced together strips of fabric until I had the correct yardage then I cut the pattern out of the large pieces. The skirt is a tad heavier than my other ones because there are so many seams but it’s still lightweight enough for summer wear.
{My expression is a bit doofy!}

This skirt is totally a Wendy skirt … I made it out of my favorite fabrics with my favorite colors and it has a sewing theme AND a doily-like lace trim around the bottom edge! Fancy!
And check out the earrings I found to go with the skirt!  Perfect!

5 thoughts on “Handmade Summer Skirt Number Three

  1. All of your skirts are so pretty. I especially like the colors and mixed fabrics of this one. How fun! I bet you have trouble being anything other than happy while wearing it.

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