House update … bathroom lust and ready for drywall

We had a pre-drywall meeting with the builder this week. We walked room by room through the house going through where all of the lights will be and the electrical outlets and the wiring. It’s gettin’ EXCITING!  Next they’ll be putting in insulation and then the drywall goes up. We *STILL* don’t have an estimated completion date, which honestly drives me nuts because I just want a date. Because of the master bathroom ceiling snafu the house will be behind schedule by at least a week to get that fixed. The plans have to be re-engineered and the trusses have to be reconfigured to vault the bathroom ceiling. It’ll be worth it to have that ceiling how we originally wanted it, but it’s a bummer that it’ll delay progress by about a week. Ohhhh well.
I didn’t snap too many photos while we were there because not much has changed except for a lot of HVAC and wiring on the inside.  Here’s the front:
The front top story windows weren’t in yet … we were told the big window came in the wrong size, so it had to be re-ordered. And the smaller bedroom window was left un-installed because the workers go through it to get onto the roof.
We noticed something really peculiar with our neighbor’s trees. As you can see in my little illustration there, they had been scalped!  It looked so bizarre. We don’t know what is going on with them – all of the branches had been trimmed off and the tops of the trees were sheared off. We don’t know if they did that and then plan to come back and take the rest of the trees completely down?  Can trees grow back to life after such treatment?  We had a few trees removed in our backyard, but they were completely removed, stumps and all. It’s weird!  Time will tell what’s going on with them I guess.
We visited the model house because we had to check on how the lights were configured in the master bathroom. I just love the master bathroom. I lingered in there awhile … drooling over the tiles, the counters … that shower!  Look at that shower. Ahhhhhh…….

DRAWERS!  Mike and I will each have our own vanity. I am so excited about that. And about the drawers.

My vanity has a little seating area. Love that so much.
We are soooooo anxious for the house to be finished!  Can.not.wait.

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