Gift for Teachers Tutorial: Sweet Tea Lemon Sugar Scrub

The girls’ Kindergarten teachers have been really great this year, the girls love them. We were talking about the end of the school year (which is this Thursday!) and Arlene got teared up and said that she’s really going to miss her teacher. Awwww!  
We wanted to make a little end-of-the-year thanks-for-being-great gifts for them! For Christmas, we had made the teachers Brown Sugar Hand Scrub, which you can read about here. The teachers all commented how much they loved it, so, we decided to do a summer version!  I found a recipe online at for Sweet Tea with Lemon Sugar Scrub, so that’s what we made! It’s a good craft to make with kids because it can’t be messed up.
Here’s the recipe:
Sweet Tea with Lemon Sugar Scrub
{I put the scrub into little Mason jars, the 4-ounce size. Paula Deen’s recipe was for the bigger pint jars. I halved her recipe and modified it a little in other ways.}
8 4-ounce glass jars with screw-tight lids
2 cups almond oil
3 tea bags
Zest of one lemon
Juice from 2 lemons
Lemon essential oil
White sugar

{We made our scrubs two containers at a time.} 

Pour the almond oil in a container {I used a glass measuring cup} and add the tea bags. Let soak in the sun for at least an hour. My sun ray kept shifting but I wasn’t paying attention to it, so I had my oil tea outside for probably about three hours total – I kept having to move it around. When it was done, it didn’t smell overpowering like tea, just a hint.
Remove tea bags from oil and squeeze excess oil out of the bags and into container.

In a separate bowl, measure out one heaping cup of sugar.
Add in the tea oil … we added in 10 spoonfuls of oil. Mix well. The consistency should be like wet sand. 
Add in five or six good size pinches of lemon zest.  Mix well.
Add in four spoonfuls of lemon juice. Add in the lemon essential oil, about a dozen drops.
Mix well.  The scrub should be wet but not too wet. It should be like wet sand and be able to pack into a ball if you press it together. If it’s too wet, add more sugar. If it’s too dry, add more oil by the spoonful or add in more lemon juice.
When it’s just right, scoop it into the jar. Add a pinch of zest to the top, then tighten the lid.
We added little flower stickers to the tops of our lids.
The girls wrote their teachers’ names on tags, then wrote “I will miss you!” on the backs. So sweet.
I added a tag with the ingredients, tied a bow and voila, done!  So cute!
To use the scrub: rub into skin, then rinse off completely. The almond oil leaves my skin super soft! I like using it on my hands and feet. Be sure to tighten the lid on the scrub when not in use. If you keep it in the bath, make sure to not get any water in the container. The scrub will last for a couple weeks. If it starts to get funky stinky, throw it out and make some more! 

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