Girlie skull bags

I had a very last minute Easter present idea for the girls. Saturday night sewing project!
I had found these adorable paper doll books earlier in the week ….
On Saturday I decided that the girls needed bags for the books.
They really like the Monster High dolls … which look like these: 
{The girls in Monster High are the daughters of famous monsters. For example, DracuLaura is the daughter of Dracula and Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein. heehee!}
We found these shoes at Old Navy – which aren’t Monster High shoes but they look like the Monster High skull logo.
SO, I decided, they needed girl skull bags! {which I realize is sort of a strange Easter gift, but whatever, it’s what they like!}

I patterened the skull heads from the skulls on their shoes. I adhered the skull shapes to the fabric then stitched over them loosely.

Each of the bags has their names on them.

The backs of the bags have three skulls on them.

The paper doll books are really neat!

This is Lydia’s first doll outfit that she colored.
Fun!  I’m happy with the way the bags turned out and the girls love them!!

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