Growing up is hard (for mommies!)

My little girls are growing up so fast. Look at my Lydia in her pretty Easter dress!
Is she six or 16?!
We saw that dress on the rack at Target and I thought, there’s no way that would fit her, that dress is too long!  But, it fit her!  And she looked so grown up!
We had to find cool shoes to accompany the dress. We found these “grown up” sandals:
How snazzy!
Lydia is really sprouting up!  She’s all legs – I think she’s going to be very tall. Arlene is a little pipsqueak! She’s teeny tiny. We got Lydia’s dress in the little-big girls clothing section – but couldn’t find a dress that would fit Arlene so we got Arlene’s dress in the toddler section. I’m seriously OK with that – let me keep at least one of my girls in the toddler clothing section!  I don’t want my little girls to grow up – but it’s happening!  It’s happening right before my eyes!
They may be getting taller and growing older but they’re still super silly pants little girls!

Family photo!  Aren’t we a happy bunch!

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