Turning Thirty-Three

Thirty-three. I turned 33 last week. Doesn’t that sound old?  It does. But, turning 33 was very nice. I don’t feel old. I had an absolutely lovely day – in fact, we had an entire extended weekend celebration. I was off work Wednesday through Friday and we went camping!  It was cooooold, but it was a nice trip away. Some pictures!
Ice cream cake was goooooooood!

The apartment was decked out in balloons and streamers!

Got the toy I wanted!

And a new little LaLaLoopsy Dollie.

I’m getting quite a collection. Three dollies are riding the ferris wheel!

The girls got me this “Fashionista” card – cracked me up!

Pretty flowers from Mike.

Camping in our winter coats!

The girls were learning how to fish with Daddy.

Lydia wasn’t afraid of the wiggly worms.

My sassy little girl.

My sweet girl.

Cute shot!

Having fun at the playground!
This year, my 33rd year, will be so great, I can already tell!

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