A window into our evening

I’ve been very busy with work the past few weeks. Working late hours, working overtime, working at home. I’ve felt like I’m never at home and when I am, I’m usually working on the computer. Tuesday evening, Daddy had a night event at work, so he had to work late. Which meant I had the evening with the girls just to myself. It was so nice. I admit, I had to force myself to slow down and to just stop. To not turn on the computer or the TV, to just enjoy time with the girls. Work can wait. And it did. I began snapping some photos to capture Lydia’s toothless grin! 
She lost her front tooth this past weekend, yay!  We were very happy to see that tooth go – for one because it was hanging on a string for a week or so and we couldn’t bring ourselves to pull it out. A visit to Grandma’s did the trick because she’s a professional and is qualified to do gentle teeth-pulling. {She’s a dental hygienist and is the master at pulling out teeth. Loose teeth and especially teeth hanging there by a string – make me want to vomit. Very happy we have someone else that can do the teeth-pulling dirty work for us!} And, this particular tooth was Lydia’s chipped tooth. She had just started to walk, and we all remember it clearly – we were walking out of the Gold Star parking lot and she tripped and fell face first – really teeth first – into the pavement. She chipped that tooth and had a bloody lip, lots of crying, but she was okay, just had a chipped front tooth for five years. But now it’s gone, yay!
After I got that cutie-patootie toothless grin photo, I started taking random photos. Because the photos {and subsequent blog posts} of just everyday life? Priceless memories I want to cherish. Our days are so filled with busy-busy-busy, go-go-go. With school, work and just the everyday things that occupy our time, well, our days just fly by. Last week I had seen an old colleague from two past lives ago – I had met her about 10 years and two career changes ago. We caught up on what’s been going on with our lives, where we work now, how are families are doing. She didn’t know I had kids so I filled her in on the girls. I heard myself telling her that I have twins, who are SIX and it sounded so foreign coming out of my mouth. How did the girls get to be SIX?!  Where has the time gone?!  On the other hand, our lives have been so enriched because of them that the past six years have been the greatest years of our lives and while it’s flown by I have a gazillion little nuggets of good memories stored in my brain. It’s like my life began when they were born, and I think from here on out I’ll always measure ‘what’s been going on with my life’ from the moment they were born until the present. I had lived a lot of great life moments since I had seen my old friend, but the other four years before we had the girls just seem insignificant now.

Our lives are filled with random moments of joy, random moments of stress, random moments of unhappiness, random moments of bliss. And random moments where Mommy gets to play and have fun with the girls.  Here’s a glimpse into the window that was our uneventful but fun evening:

Arlene had the hiccups. And she decided to do the “swallow water while holding your nose” trick to see if they’d go away. Then she bent over upside down to cure them. It worked! Smart kid.
This is a drawing Arlene made for me. It says “You rock and like me.” I sure do kid, I sure do.
She’s our comic relief. So silly!
See? Pure silliness.
Lydia had homework to do. She has homework each week which she loooooves doing. Arlene hardly ever gets homework {they are in different classes} and that seems to suit Miss Silly Pants just fine.
I got this out of Arlene’s backpack and it freaked me out. Are those horns or ears?
Lydia made that for me. Teehee!
Bedtime!  Horsing around time! 
The silly one again – she was being a zombie but moving too fast for me to capture the zombie action clearly. Lydia’s in mid leap onto the bed.
We are into reading chapter books before bed. I always loved this book as a kid.
Look at my bookmark! hahahaha

Bedtime with two excitable six year olds can be a real slow {and sometimes excruciating!} process. This is their “we’re perfect angels” pose. Hardy har!  The second before this shot was taken they were bouncing on the bed. I tell them each night that if they are good girls and do their nightly business {bathroom, brush teeth, etc.} without too much trouble or without taking a million years to do so, then I’ll read to them. Let’s say that they only get to hear Matilda about four times per week! But on this particular night, after the hanging-on-the-bunkbed-like-monkeys business and the zombie business, they got very focused and calmed down, so I read two chapters.
After they went to bed I started in on my work. I was so sad to discover that I had accidentally ripped out my owl pillow’s foot!  See how his left foot is disconnected from his body?  Dispair!  He even looks sad, doesn’t he?  His foot had been hanging there loose for awhile so I knew it was going to happen eventually. His feet are made of felt so the felt just got stretched and then finally broke off. Darnit. I love that owl. I got him from Etsy last year. Might have to buy a new one!
And, there you have it.

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