Four more friends

A couple weeks ago I had exclaimed that I found a new little friend, a new mini LaLaLoopsy doll – I wrote about her here.  Well this weekend, I befriended FOUR MORE!  Yaaaay!  They were technically bought for me by my husband for my birthday, which yes believe it or not I will be turning 33 at the end of this month and yes I’m excited about getting TOYS as an early birthday present so much so that I’m embarrassingly sharing it here on my blog!  He let me open them early, bless his heart!  All of my new little friends are displayed on a shelf now. Soooo cute!  I even let the girls play with them. I’m a good sharer.  But now, they’re up on a shelf and they can’t touch them. So maybe I’m not such a good sharer.
My first friend, Peanut Big Top, sits on the the top shelf along with the houses the dollies came in.

Isn’t she precious?  Her footed PJs!!  She comes with a book, a clock, a sheep and a jug of milk. Hilarious!  Her name is Pillow Feather Bed.

This is Bea Spells-a-Lot. She came with a little owl, who has fallen over, sad, a school bell, a chalkboard and a book. She’s the smartest of the bunch.

Spot Splatter Splash came with a paint brush, bucket, pallet and a colorful little zebra. She’s talented!

This is Crumbs Sugar Cookie – I love her bright pink hair. She came with a cookie sheet, a wooden spoon, a mixing bowl and a cute little mouse!
I’m still hoping to get the ferris wheel for my actual birthday!  The dolls can all ride in it! 

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