An update on "the situation"

An update on “the situation” otherwise known as “Wendy-getting-really-angry-about-the-loud-music-coming-from-the-apartment-upstairs” which I blogged about yesterday … we THINK the noise complaint was delivered because when the people from upstairs came home last night, lots of noise commenced.  It could have just been a coincidence that they were making a lot of noise or it could have been on purpose. Since they made noise on purpose the last time they got a complaint, I’m betting they were making the noise on purpose. They’re typically pretty decent during the day and in the evenings – in part because they are rarely home. It’s just the music in the morning that’s bad. Last night – they came home, cranked the music and the little-ish boy stomped and crashed in his room. We have been trying to figure out what his noises sound like – because the amount of crashes and booms are comical – it’s like he has a three ring circus up there or maybe he’s wrestling a tiger.  But then I figured it out – he’s butt-stomping a block, Mario style. Do you know what I’m talking about?  When Mario breaks blocks with a super jump, landing on his tooshie? Like this:
Except the boy’s doing that to his floor.  Butt stomping his floor.  About a dozen times a night.  For no apparent reason other than his mom told him to make as much noise as possible because the people downstairs are jerks for complaining about her music. It just makes me laugh because it’s obvious that one, he’s just trying to be a jerk, which is funny because his mom is teaching him to behave that way {awesome!} and two, apart from just being annoying, his butt stomps really don’t bother us. Because he quits by about 10:30 when he goes to sleep. 
The music?  Was it on this morning?  YES.  Yes it was.  Isn’t that awesome!  It is.  Just awesome.  My preference is to begin my morning my singing along to Mary J. Blige while I’m trying to eat oatmeal and trying to talk to my daughters. That’s precisely how I want to start my morning!  The music was a taaaaad lower this morning. Say, it was 67 before, now it’s 65.  But I can still hear it.  Which is just grrrrreat.  Whatever!  I was able to get the manager out yesterday and make another complaint, which I’m happy about but, at this point, I’m just going to ignore it. If it gets worse or she does anything threatening then I’ll call the police on her. For now, it’s just something we have to deal with. The apartment is temporary the apartment is temporary the apartment is temporary!  We’re house-hunting again this weekend!

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