Whoooo made an adorable trio of purses?

When we packed up house and moved into the apartment I packed up my sewing machine and 99% of my craft-making supplies. Well that lasted all of three weeks.  I got the itch to make something this weekend. I needed a new purse. So I borrowed my mom’s machine (my machine is buried in our storage unit) and set to it.  I must say, I am in love with my creations.  I made myself a purse and then two mini versions for the girls.
Hooty hoot!
I used a sling bag pattern I had used before. It’s lined and enforced with cotton flannel so it’s durable yet washable. And it was super fun to make!
I love the owls. At first I wasn’t sure if it was too bright, but, I really did like the fabric, so I went with it. {When I went to the grocery store I got two compliments on it!} 
Button enclosure.
 The lining is a coordinating star pattern. There are two pockets inside for my essentials, my Blackberry and Ipod! 
The girls’ versions are just TOO CUTE!  They are exactly like mine except without the pockets.
Oh so cute.
This is Arlene’s stuffed full of her essentials, like an eye sleeping mask {don’t ask} and lip gloss.
It felt good to create. I miss it. I figured I would. But I returned my mom’s sewing machine because I feel like these sewing creations were enough for now. I have some crochet and embroidery projects I can work on next.

4 thoughts on “Whoooo made an adorable trio of purses?

  1. Hahaha, My daughter has an eye mask too! I got it from one of those hotel baskets and she “uses” it too. It cracks me up the funny “essentials” that they put in thier purses! …anyway, you could TOTALLY sell these, I absolutely LOVE the owl pattern and would love to purchase one! “OWL” be keeping an eye on your etsy store! 😉

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