Score one for me

Bwah hah hah!  Yesterday I made another noise complaint about the music that plays in the apartment above us every morning. This morning?  Could barely hear the music!  I could tell it was on but I could barely hear it.  Go me!  Yay!  The girls got to eat their breakfast in peace and quiet!  Yaaaaaay! 

What’s really funny is the reaction from the gal/gals upstairs to the noise complaint … I could tell they were upset about it.  Going with the whole “really not too smart but a whole lot inconsiderate” vibe they consistently put on, instead of following suit with the whole noise complaint and, you know, shutting up, instead for two hours they made consistent annoying noise. Like, on purpose noise.  At first I thought I was just being paranoid thinking they were doing it on purpose but after awhile I knew they were doing it on purpose. One of the gals was walking around with heels – walking back and forth across the vinyl kitchen floor – clack clack clack clack STOMP clack clack – for about 40 minutes straight.  She’s never worn heels inside her apartment before – we’ve never heard heel noise.  She turned on the stereo for one song too.  Really loudly.  Again, something she’s never done other than her usual morning music playing.  Then she began banging the kitchen cabinets. Over and over and over again. Opening, shutting. Opening shutting.  Clack clack clack. Opening, shutting.  Open. Shut. Clack clack stomp stomp.  THUMP.  Clack clack clack.  It was FUNNY!  I was laughing.  She wore herself out and then it was dead quiet. 

I was nervous about this morning, thinking that FOR SURE the music would be playing, because obviously from the strutting noise display last night she surely wouldn’t obey the noise complaint. BUT SHE DID!  I was so ecstatic.  I revel in this little victory.  Why?  Because I hate bassy music. Hate it. It gets under my skin and makes me crazy.

{I WAS a little nervous about having an encounter with the woman this morning. She was clearing the snow off her car when I was leaving and I thought for a minute that she might throw me down, but she just glared at me and I SMILED back (heehee) and that was the last of it. I might have wrongly assumed her age too. She might be a teenager.  Which, I guess, to me is a little more forgiving – teenagers probably wouldn’t know better than to blare music, right?  But, I cannot be sure about her age.  The first time I saw her I thought she looked older than me – like late 30s – but when I saw her today, she looked 16 or 17. Hmmm. It WAS snowing this morning so maybe that hindered my view of her too. Either way, I didn’t get beat up and the music stopped, so that’s a win win all around.}

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