23 hours of bearable noise

Apartment living is, well … different.  It’s taken a lot of getting used to.  As luck would have it, we live below the loudest people on earth.  They are so loud.  We can track everything they do because they walk like they have bricks on their feet.  It’s two women and occasionally a boy, who is maybe 10 or 12 years old. And I know this because I have stalked them, but not in a creepy way, haha!  I originally thought it was just a single mom and a boy but I’ve since figured out it’s two women and occasionally the boy. And they have a dog.  The boy is the worst for noise, but we know that the girls aren’t exactly quiet, so I can forgive the noise that the boy makes. {We’re sandwiched in the apartment – neighbors above and below us, but our downstairs neighbor has never been home, which is a blessing.} All of that type of noise, the foot falls, the slamming of the cupboards and doors, all of that noise we have sort of gotten used to, sort of.  Occasionally I’ll hear a super loud thump and it’ll startle me, but otherwise, their noise has become our background noise.

We’ve done a few things to mask it too, which has helped.  We keep the furnace fan on at all times. That especially helps in our bedroom because the furnace itself is located right next to our room, so it’s loudest there. We play music or have the TV on when we’re home too, which helps to mask the sounds.  I found the best ear plugs!  They are called Hearos {funny name!} and they block out all sounds. I sleep with them in my ears every night and that helps A LOT.  I’m always paranoid about not hearing my alarm but I haven’t missed it yet.

So far, after 14 days, I rate apartment living as a 7.  It’s bearable and it’s much better than being in our old house, but … it’s annoying. I’m amazed at just how inconsiderate people really are.  Each and every week day morning, one of the lovely women upstairs plays loud, bassy rap music at 6:45 a.m.  She plays it from 6:45 a.m. until 7:50 a.m., while she’s getting ready for work.  It’s so loud that it can be heard throughout our entire apartment. It’s loudest in our dining room, because that’s where her stereo is housed in her unit. I can actually hear the lyrics to the crap rap if I’m in the dining room. What I’ve figured out is that the woman turns on the stereo then gets ready in the bathroom, that is 20 feet away.  20 feet away.  And she honestly thinks that’s just okay?  Why not just move the stereo to the bathroom?  Ooh, bright idea!  It amazes me, it truly does. The woman is either incredibly stupid, or she’s incredibly inconsiderate. I’m banking on both.

I can’t fathom playing music that loud in an apartment complex, no matter the time of day.  We try our best to be quiet.  I made a noise complaint last week about the music and it was turned down a tiny tick. Like say it was at level 100 prior to my complaint. Now it’s at level 99.  Which leads me to believe that she IS indeed just inconsiderate!  I was patient last week, hoping that maybe it was just coincidence that she turned the music down a tick, maybe she hadn’t received the noise complaint yet. But this morning the music was on again, just as loud. So I made another complaint.  I don’t think anything will actually be done about it, but I’m going to complain each and every week we are there, just out of principle. I try to keep it in perspective too.  Last week, on Thursday night, we looked out the window and saw that in the apartment building next to us, a group of dudes were playing beer pong. THAT would be highly annoying. So at least we don’t have a group of young dudes living above us. And I keep telling myself that the music only plays for one hour and five minutes of the day. The rest of the day it doesn’t play. I’m so thankful for that! And, most importantly, I tell myself this 20 zillion times a day – apartment living is temporary!

We’re house hunting this weekend!!!  Yaaaay!

2 thoughts on “23 hours of bearable noise

  1. Ugh — that whole “upstairs neighbor” crap is most definitely the worst part of apartment living. Well, that and the weird food smells coming from the Nigerian neighbors. I'm glad it's temporary! (And I really hope crazy rap lady comes to her senses. There is just no reason for music that loud that early.)

    (Also: I read it originally as “loud, bossy rap music,” and was trying to figure out what this might entail. Hee. :))

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