Button brooches

Yesterday my boss gave me a box of vintage buttons. How sweet is that?  So very sweet. I guess I have a reputation as a button lover. The one thing I love more than buttons is vintage buttons!
I got out my glue gun and I made some brooches!

This one is my favorite! I put it on my winter coat.

Side view of the red flower.

This is my second favorite!

Fun!  I still have a lot of buttons left from the stash. I added them to my main stash and I’ll use them eventually in various projects. 

7 thoughts on “Button brooches

  1. WK – the winner of my give-a-way's gonna get one! I'll probably not put them in my shop, because I like to have little extra gifts on hand to stick into order packages as an extra little thank you! 🙂

  2. My mom had this massive tin full of old buttons (wonder where it went?) that my sister and I were always playing in. We made all kinds of necklaces and just general “play”. Thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories!

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