Show disappointment

This past Saturday I was in a craft show at a local high school. First, the good:  the show was PACKED! There were so, so many people. And, my booth was beside a gal, Emily, who I went to high school with! It was fun to catch up with her – she lives in my area and makes really pretty necklaces. {She has an Etsy shop – here.}  OK, and now the bad: I didn’t sell a thing!  Well, let me clarify – I did make a sale of $1.00; I sold two chocolate button suckers that were priced 50 cents each. And Emily bought a Mr. Moustachio’ed Monster that I had for sale. But. That’s. It. I was sooooo disappointed.  I mean I’m always asking myself, will people buy my stuff, do people actually like my stuff?! And I have had good success in the past, online on Etsy and at other craft shows, but I have to admit that I was pretty dejected on Saturday. It was really, really disappointing. I worked my butt off preparing for the show. I was really excited about the stock that I had.  
Here’s some pictures of my set up!

I brought the two big huge dollies with me. Those two just crack me up. Their button eyes are huge.

Bottom right are the tea-towels I made!  I will have to get better pictures of those.

House pillows!


I was pretty excited about these pins – I had stamped them onto fabric, then glued them onto card stock. Just a fun little thing! 

I made chocolate button suckers!  They are tasty!  And I’d know, since I made 30, and brought back home 28!
Oooooh well. You win some, you lose some.  I’ll be putting all of the stock in my shop by the end of the week!

9 thoughts on “Show disappointment

  1. I'm so sorry the show wasn't what you wanted it to be. 😦 (And I still really want to punch that rude woman for you.) I LOVE your stuff — apparently the people on Saturday just weren't sophisticated enough to appreciate your art. Poo on them.

  2. Wendy! I am so sorry I missed your show…I totally would have bought stuff from you……My fav necklace is still the little curly head girl that I got from you. I did This show once and got the same thing….zilch….while I watched countless people walk by with what I would catorgarize as …well…crap..(IE-plastic canvas?!). I have come to realize that the whole craft show thing is very confusing and does nothing for my ego! Your work is amazing….as is your spirit….I will be checking out your shop this week :0)

  3. That is my worst worst worst worry about doing a craft fair. What was the big seller at the show? Did you have a chance to notice? maybe the target demographic for that show wasn't in line with your target audience. Your stuff is lovely and whimsical and I could go on and on. Hugs.

  4. Seriously, your stuff is ADORABLE. I saw that twitter that WP is referencing….I would want to punch her too.

    I am sorry your show didn't go well 😦 I would be interested to know what people DID buy. Were there alot of kids? Parents? Or just snobby people?

  5. I think a lot of the crowd was older and looking for more of the “country craft” type stuff. We saw a lot of people walking around with massive snowmen and some rather creepy looking decorations. A lot of people were waking by, commenting on how cute everything is, but they would keep walking.

    I love your dolls and can't understand why people weren't buying them.

  6. I feel your pain! I sold a few things but not any of my new Christmas stuff, which I am too going to put in my shop.
    I LOVE your set up and everything you did! Seriously, I could learn a thing or two from you!

  7. Thanks, everyone! Let's just say, that in the crowd I saw a lot of appliqued sweatshirts! Not that there's anything wrong with appliqued sweatshirts. But, people that like appliqued sweatshirts are probably not liking my dolls. They're buying up the painted wooden holiday decorations and the tissue covers and the decorated dish towels.

    What the first and fourth commentor are referring to is that someone actually told me at the show that my dolls were SCARY. Um, really?! Keep that comment to yourself! My dolls aren't for everyone, I know that, but to actually TELL the creator that their stuff sucks, well, that's just plain rude! I was pretty miffed about it.

    Oh well, more stock for my shop! 🙂 Because we all know the cool people shop at Etsy!

  8. Yeah, this is a weird demographic out here. I haven't been to this show, but I do know the neighborhood and it's people, and they tend to be very traditional, very budget-minded, and sort of hit or miss. My shows on this side of town have not been my best, either. You do what you love, Wendy, and you do it well. We all have bad days at shows, and we all feel dejected and want to give up. But DO NOT give up, as I would cry, because I love you so:)

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