This n’ that (alternate title: what’s been going on this weekend)

I have made awesome progress on my craft preparations for my craft show this weekend. I finished up 16 dolls yesterday and I stamped a bunch of stuff too. I’m going to be making pins and hairbands and some house pillows for the show. I was freaking out about not being able to get stuff done but now I’m really relaxed about it. I have all week to finish up everything. Oh, I also made some stamped tea towels!  They’re pretty cute, if I say so myself. I’ll get pictures of my show stock to post later this week.

Today, we had an open house. Which gave us a good excuse to clean the house. That’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway. We don’t know yet if anyone came, I’ll be getting feedback from our realtor later.  It doesn’t appear that anyone did, since we usually see foot traffic marks and our shower curtain and closets are usually disturbed from people peering in. Everything looks as we left it. Ohhhhh well.  As I said, good excuse to clean the house from top to bottom. And, we bought flowers to set out, so now we have fresh flowers. I adore fresh cut flowers.

The girls had some money to spend so we took them to the toy store. Lydia got an adorable Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) doll and both her and Arlene got Moxie Girlz dolls. Have you seen these Moxie dolls?  They are like Barbies, but cooler. Their motto is “be true, be you” and they encourage girls to have moxie: positive attitude and confidence, the courage to go for it, and energy in everything you do. That’s a sentiment I can definitely get behind. AND, the coolest bestest thing?  These dolls don’t have feet – instead the have removable shoes. So when you remove their shoes, they have little peg legs. Why is this so cool?  Because the girls’ Barbies currently have NO shoes. They always get lost within 26 seconds of being out of the package. These Moxie girls will keep their shoes/feet on them because who wants to play with a peg leg?  Well, maybe a pirate, but not my kids.

Today we got satellite cable installed and we’re saving about $50 a month over what we used to have and now we have DVR!  We’re excited about the DVR. Plus we have a lot more HD channels. Wahoo!  The only thing is that we don’t have HBO with our current package, so I will have to miss Boardwalk Empire tonight.

I looooooooooove Method’s cinnamon bark soap.  So much so that when we were at the store today I bought three additional containers. I looove it.  The girls love it too and they know I love it so whenever they wash their hands they run up to me and shove their hands in my face so I can smell them. Sounds annoying but their hands smell so dang good that it’s not annoying. It’s scrumptious smelling. Cinnamon bark is a holiday scent that’s only out for a limited time, so I may get even more so that I can enjoy it all year.

That’s what’s been going on in the P house this weekend. What have you been up to?

2 thoughts on “This n’ that (alternate title: what’s been going on this weekend)

  1. My Method mint-scented soap is almost out — perhaps I'll have to check out the cinnamon bark. I'm not usually a cinnamon-smell person, but it IS quite festive around the holidays.

    Can't wait to see pictures of all your craft show wares!

  2. YAY for your DVR, I could not live with out our 2. OK, maybe I COULD live without them….but it wouldn't be as fun 🙂

    I always lost Barbie shoes, but it was ok as I taped micro machine cars to barbies feet to make skates so it was fine. (Yeah, I was not a girly girl but I was innovative.)

    I can't wait to hear how the craft show goes?! Way to go with all the crafting!

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