Something’s missing here

Something is missing …
Oh, it’s her tooth!
Arlene lost her first tooth!
It’s the same exact tooth that Lydia lost three months ago, almost to the day! (weird!)  We were eating dessert after dinner and she bit down on a hard piece of chocolate and it wiggled the tooth right out. She was very excited to get her five dollars from the tooth fairy!  {for the record, the tooth fairy is only giving five bucks for the first tooth – all of the other teeth will be at a much discounted rate.}  Arlene was doubly excited to show her friends at school AND she got a sticker for it!  Excitement!

4 thoughts on “Something’s missing here

  1. So adorable! I love that they get so excited. 🙂 Although, quick confession: The thought of teeth falling out (at this stage of my life) just makes me think of all those anxiety teeth-falling-out dreams I have all the time. Shudder.

    (I love her glasses, too! Super cute.)

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