Arlene & Lydia’s Sweets Shop

Arlene & Lydia’s Sweets Shop birthday party was so much fun!  Photos! Lots of photos!

Tons of candy!

The girls’ cupcakes were in these dainty stands.

I made stuffed little lollipop pins for everyone to wear.

A CD boombox!  That’s big girl type of stuff!!

CDs!  OMG!

Going to Disney on Ice next weekend with their grandparents!

I bought the girls those plastic button-eyed dolls!  I couldn’t resist!  They are CUTE!

Post-party. A lot of the candy was cleared out, good!
It was a super sweet party. Lots of fun seeing family and enjoying the girls’ special day! The girls are very loved.

4 thoughts on “Arlene & Lydia’s Sweets Shop

  1. What an amazing party! I wish I were invited. 😉 I promise, there wouldn't have been any leftover candy. Haha.

    Your girls are such dolls. Really. Happy Birthday to them!

  2. BRAVO!!! You did a fabulous job

    What an AWESOME party!! Totally perfect girl party. Love all the little things you did. Your girls look so happy and cute!

    I think we should go into a party planning business together 🙂

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