Birthday party preparation

The big birthday party is tomorrow. Special day!  Little sweeties turning six!  If you remember, last year we had an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party. {link here, with photos}  I set the bar high and had to follow up with an equally sweet party this year.  The girls decided upon a “Candy and Cupcakes” theme for their party.  I don’t want to give too much away, since some of our party guests read this here blog, but, here is a little taste of what I’ve been cooking up for the party. {puns totally intended}
Lollipops are the main theme … I carved this stamp out of linoleum for decorations and party favors.
I stamped bags. These particular bags, 51 in total, are going to the girls’ school today to give to their classmates. We’ll have bags available as party favors for guests to take home candy.  I think I made a total of 80 bags. Whew!  I also stamped the invitations.
Tons of candy inside!
Stamp action!
The birthday girls get lollipop shirts to wear to their party!
The preparation room. My craft room, a total disaster. I have been locking the room so the girls don’t get too curious and see what’s going on. It’s all seeky-seeky. They’ve been around me when I’ve made most of the decorations and stuff but there are a few things that will be a surprise. 
{See that white gown, right side? that’s Lydia’s Halloween costume – she’s going to be a bride. On Sunday of this weekend we have a Fall Fest party to go to which will include a costume contest. Arlene is going as a 50s girl}

4 thoughts on “Birthday party preparation

  1. Yep, I clicked on EACH picture to enlarge. LOVE your craft room. And the white dress was one the first thing I noticed. 🙂 Awesome.

    Everything looks AWESOME. Good luck! And WAY TO GO at making yet-another fantastic memory for your sweet girls.

    (Six already? Come on.)

  2. You're going to have a blast! I love the lollipop shirt and bags! Great job Mom!

    You're girls are so cute and I hope to one day meet them together to see them in action! What a fun day you'll have! 🙂

    Happy birthday girls!

  3. (I agree. LOVE the lollipop stamp. It's awesome. I think you're so talented. I had to do one of those stamps in high school, and no kidding, my art teacher (who was awesome) was like, “Well, Kylee… um, some people are just better at other things… everyone has different gifts.” Mine was AWFUL. I can't see any 3-dimensional things. Lol.)

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