I will admit, I like them

So these Sillybanz things … uggg. At first, I really disliked them. The girls received some as gifts and I wasn’t too thrilled. I didn’t want them starting in liking fads so early. But, after a few months, they’ve grown on me! I don’t mind them so much. I kind of like them.
* For the record, I only let the girls wear one bracelet to school, but on the weekends, they can wear as many as they want. Obviously. Here, photgraphed Saturday, Arlene has her entire collection on one arm.
Arlene is really into them. There are girls in her class that have them and she told me it’s her goal to trade her princess crown bracelet with the girl that has the ice cream bracelets. I guess this girl has a banana split bracelet and Arlene’s got her sights on it.
I will say though, I’m kinda worried about what the “next big thing” will be and what the girls will be in to, just because “all the other kids” are into it.
For now, I guess rubber bracelets are okay.

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