Button eye dolls

I saw these Bitty Button dolls at Target! 
What the hay!!  Mass produced button-eyed dolls?!  Oh noooo! 
My handmade button eye dolls are much cuter!  But, I must admit, these Bitty Button dolls are precious!  They have a whole story line for them, that they “came to life when their very last stitch was sewn.” They live in “Buton Town” – hah! They are based off of a rag-doll design but are made of hard plastic.Check out their web site here; it has a sewing theme and is really quite darling. 
I want to be mad about these mass-produced plastic dolls but they are so darn cute that I can’t help but like them!

2 thoughts on “Button eye dolls

  1. OMG, are you kidding? Your dolls are SO MUCH CUTER than these ones. I mean FOR REAL.

    (Speaking of which, I'll have to order a new one for Baby GIRL 2011… Perhaps I'll wait to see what color (if any) hair she has…)

    Seriously, though? Your dolls are FAR superior.

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