The first day of school!

Much much excitement!  The first day of school!  The girls are thrilled! 
They were ready 20 minutes before they needed to be because they were hurrying so they “didn’t miss the bus” and it was so cute, every three minutes one of them would run to the window to check if the bus was there, even though it wasn’t due for another 40 minutes. They didn’t act nervous at all. Mommy sure was!
  The bus picked them up on the opposite side of the street, which threw me for a loop (I had assumed they’d be picked up on our side of the street) so I didn’t get any photos of them boarding the bus or on the bus, because I was almost hyperventilating at that point (not really, but close) and didn’t even think to snap photos. Honestly I was trying really hard not to burst into tears!  I’ll get boarding-the-bus photos Monday. They got on the bus, and, they’re off!  My mom was here and we watched the bus go down the street and I kept telling myself, they’ll be fine, they’ll be fine!  I know they’ll be fine but I’m still quite worried. What if they don’t get off at the right school?  The bus goes to another school before or after theirs, I’m not sure, but what if they get confused?  What if they get off the bus and they get lost at school?  Aaack!  See, I’m just a worry wort.  As I type this I have my phone right next to me and I’m expecting that call, “Mrs. P., your daughters haven’t arrived to school this morning.”  My husband called to see how they did and when the phone rang I about jumped out of my skin!  Haha! I know they’ll be fine, I am just a worrying mother. What mother doesn’t worry?
Now, pictures!  I took a bunch, of course.
First day of school, August 27, 2010. Such big girls!
Lydia’s smile cracks me up – I wish she’d get happy.
She’s so TALL!
Aww, my favorite.
And my favorite of Arlene.
Teehee, so cute!
The excitement is building.
Cool backpack shot!
Haha Arlene in the background cracks me up. Can you tell how excited they both were?!
Arlene’s telling Lydia, you cannot cross this line right HERE!
Waiting for the bus!
I can’t wait for them to return so I can hear all about their first day! I’m sure they will be filled with stories and talking over each other to tell me all about it.

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