Is it October yet?

Arlene made me this picture the other day. It makes me smile!  That girl sure does love Halloween.  Not sure where she got that from!! 

I’m so ready too. 

Got my candy corn purchased.  And how cute does it look in my ball jar?!  Super cute, but not so super cute that I wouldn’t want to eat it. Oh, we ate it.  We ate it all!

Jack!  How I love Jack so. You’ll notice Jack is pictured on my side bar too.  I’m going to be collecting my Halloween posts this year in one place. So by clicking on the Jack you can see them for quick reference. Really it’ll be for my quick reference. Just because I love Halloween so.


4 thoughts on “Is it October yet?

  1. I agree…..I am SO ready for Fall and that of course includes Halloween!

    I bought at an antique store a very similar jar with buttons. I brought it home and within 10 minutes a cat knocked it over and the lid shattered 😦 I need to find a new one and that picture reminded me! Love it

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