Our vacation, in photos

Our camping vacation just so happened to fall during the hottest week on record, but despite the oppressive heat, we had an excellent time!  It was a lot of fun and we stayed cool by playing in the lake, going on excursions, and playing games inside the air conditioned camper. We played and we relaxed and we ate well and we had FUN!  I took about 600 photos in total (partly because I got a new camera and was doing a lot of experimenting!) and I got a lot of excellent shots. Lots of frame-worthy pictures of the girls!  I pared the photos down to about 100 and put them on my Flickr site. I put them into four different sets: 
Brookville Lake is beautiful!  It reminds me of northern Michigan, but is only 45 minutes from our house. The lake water was warm as bathwater, yet cooled us off on the super hot days. The heat was a bit too much in the afternoons so we stayed inside or went on car trips. We were outside in the evenings and the girls rode their bikes all over the campground.
Metamora is a cute little historic canal town about 15 minutes away from the campground. We took a boat ride down the canal and did a little shopping. I bought some Halloween decorations there, ha! 
The Indianapolis Children’s Museum was AWESOME!  It was so much fun. All of us enjoyed ourselves!  There was a Barbie exhibit going on and oh my goodness!  That was SUCH FUN!  I had a blast right alongside the girls.  The girls participated in a Barbie fashion show and Arlene was in her element, she loved that so much.
I snapped some pictures of our campsite and the inside of our camper, as a little tour!
And last, but surely not least, my favorite photo from the trip:

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