My in-progress project project bag

I stamped my linocut camper stamp onto this canvas bag. I’m using the bag to take my craft supplies on our camping vacation, which starts TODAY!  Hooooray!

The bag is still in progress. I’m in the process of stitching around the outline of the camper to give it a little more definition.

The bag holds a ton!  It would make for a good overnight bag.  It’s currently holding all of my crafting supplies for the week and then some.  Fun!

I am SO READY for this vacation. It’s coming at the perfect time! I need a break from work and from the stresses of everyday life.  I’m so looking forward to just doing a whole lot of relaxing. No schedules, no agendas, no time tables. I’m looking forward to just being Mommy for a week, and not crazy-busy Mommy that’s rushing off to work then rushing home and run, run, running. But fun, calm Mommy who has time to paint fingernails and read stories and make lunch!

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